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How To Get Out Of the Debt Trap

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 122

Will Rogers once said that too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like - and I agree with him. What a crazy world we live in today; it's the world of instant gratification - the wanting of it all now, right now, and the unwillingness to wait.

So many are in debt because of this very thing. Maybe you are bored, it's been a hard day, nothing is going right. So what do you do? Well, maybe a bit of retail therapy will help? And off you go to the mall, looking for something to lift your spirits. Next thing you know you are walking back to the car laden with parcels of all the goodies you have purchased. And that sudden excitment of some new toy, some new product does lift your spirits.... until you get reminded that while you may have the latest iphone, you cannot afford to eat for the next fortnight! Chatting to friends may feed the soul, but it won't fill your stomach!

Why do we do it? Well, it's because of all that great advertising all around us about get it now and pay later - its proof that advertising does work. Maybe advertising is not the right word for it, how about - brain washing? Because that is what it is like; whatever you want, the billboards scream that you can get it with no money down, and easy (like heck it is) repayments. So we flash out our cute little plastic card - or one of the many if you have a selection like most people do- and zip zap! The deal is done - painless and over in minutes. Unfortuately the pain is just about to begin as the payments become due. Most of us are still paying for things we gave up using months ago, and because of that, can barely afford the necessities of life like quality food, rent, or a much needed trip to the dentist.

It has to stop; you have to change. Make a decision to only buy the essentials while you concentrate on paying off all your debt. If you need to take on a second part time job, then do so. It will get you out ofdebt quicker. There is no feeling in the world like the one when you are debt free. It is even better when you have money in the bank so you can take that trip, you can get those yellow rotted teeth fixed, you can afford to go out for dinner and enjoy it knowing you have money in your pocket to pay for it.

As a society we need to turn things around. Instead of buying on credit, we need to buy with cash. Save the money then buy. An alternative is to put something on layby - in other words, pay it off before you get it. That way we know we really do want it because we are prepared to wait and pay it off before we get our sticky fingers on it. It's back to front in today's society - we get things we cannot afford to buy, then struggle to pay it off. Lets start by getting rid of all our debt which is the cause of all the worlds financial woes, and start afresh. Use cash to buy what we need. Not only will it change your life, it has the power to change the world if we all did it.

Get ahead of things, don't get behind. It will take a bit of time to catch up and get ahead, but once ahead it is easy. Learn to live within your means. If you want more of something, then you need to earn more. This way you will always be improving your life, not sabotaging it with the ball and chain of debt.

One more thing we need to do is to stop competing. Just because the neighbour hasa brand new car (and is drowning in debt) there is no need for you to get a better one. And that applies to homes, clothing, jewellry - any material possession. Peace and happiness comes from within, you cannot buy it in a shop. And while the latest gadget will bring momentary pleasure, you will be off chasing something else when the glow wears off. Stop worrying about what others have, that's their business, you mind your own. We all have way too many things, you only have to see the stuff some people have hoarded in their homes that they have hardly used - its amazing.

Material possessions are only a small part of life. What you make of yourself, who you become and how you live life is your true purpose, not how much you own. Why waste your precious time worrying over debt and fancy stuff? Lets solve our own financial crisis, get rid of debtand really start to enjoy life and live!

My goal is to educate and inspire people to be the best that they can be. Whether in health, wealth or personal self development Brewer International is there to assist all who visit. Sign up for our Newsletter that offers loads of free information for health, wealth and personal development all mixed with a bit of humour and some fantastic quotes. Everyone deserves the best in life, everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow. Please visit us at our website link above, and join us in the journey for a full and happy life.

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