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Debt Relief Representation

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 135

Many people attempt debt relief measures on their own. While this strategy isn't flawed, it can be more stressful than having help with your debt relief efforts. If you are choosing to use help with your debt relief plan it is important to know the difference between having representation versus mediation.

A third party debt relief company can help you achieve your goal when negotiating with creditors. Often acting as a mediator, they act as a go-between for you and the creditor. They do charge for their services, but they may not be the best option when dealing with certain kinds of debts. Representation, on the other hand, refers to hiring a lawyer. Whether you are pursuing credit negotiations or foreclosure help, a lawyer can bring added benefits that a negotiation specialist cannot.

Credit Negotiation Lawyer

Although credit debts may not seem serious enough to warrant the use of a lawyer, they can be quite brutal at times. Credit card lenders are often relentless in their collection tactics and you may find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit. A credit negotiation lawyer is not only well versed in the art of negotiation, but they are a legal entity that can manage any lawsuits that come about on either side of the negotiation. Using a credit negotiation lawyer to mediate your debt relief efforts with creditors is often more successful than negotiating alone. They can ensure you are within your legal right to negotiate, persuade a better deal out of creditors and even evaluate if bankruptcy is an option for you.

Foreclosure Lawyer

Mortgage debt troubles and the risk of foreclosure are serious matters that warrant the help of a legal professional not a third party company. Foreclosure lawyers are highly valuable when dealing with financial hardships relating to your mortgage. First, each state has different laws about how the foreclosure process is to be handled. There have been many cases in which a homeowner was unlawfully foreclosed on and forced out of their home. Other homeowners have found that their house was foreclosed in a matter of 30 days or less, leaving them without the chance to stop the proceedings.

Regardless of the laws in your state, hiring a foreclosure lawyer gives you the best chance at preventing or halting a foreclosure on your home. They can help you negotiate an alternative solution to your mortgage debt troubles before the foreclosure process begins, stop an active foreclosure or help you recover after a foreclosure has been completed. Foreclosure lawyers are experienced in the field of real estate and mortgages, giving them an edge in your negotiation.

The Lee Law Firm aims to provide local residents with high quality legal representation at affordable rates. Their attorneys specialize in all aspects of credit negotiations. As Dallas debt lawyers, the Lee Law Firm attorneys understand the pressures their clients face as they battle a financial hardship.

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