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Unique Ideas for Cremation Memorials

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 171

Cremation Memorials

A memorial, by definition, is an object that pays tribute to the memory of a life. In the case of cremation memorials, there are many ways in which this can be achieved. There are cremation urns that serve as a container for ashes. Cremation jewelry can contain a small amount of ash in a small compartment or locket, much like the mourning jewelry of the Victorian Age. There are also sculptures that can contain ashes, or memorial glass. This article will explore some of the many options that are available today.

More people are choosing cremation for their end of life preference than ever before in the US and many parts of the world. Some of the reasons for this surge include: economic factors, environmental concerns, and transience of today's society. Cremation is generally less expensive than the traditional practice of embalming and casket burial. Environmental concerns point to the amount of available land that is becoming increasingly sparse. Many people re-locate throughout their lives for employment or quality of life issues.

There is an overwhelming amount of online companies that deal in cremation urns. While it's wonderful to have access to so many options, the choices for containment of the ashes can be overwhelming. Ashes are transferred from the funeral home or crematorium to the family in a plastic bag that is placed in a cardboard box. When economically feasible, most families opt to purchase something special to replace the temporary container.

When shopping for a permanent home for your loved one's ashes, we suggest that you think about your intentions for the ashes. Many times, especially when someone suffers a terminal illness, his or her wishes are shared with family or friends. However, this is not always the case, and survivors are often left with guesswork. If this is the case, we advise you to think about your loved one, his/her personality traits, favorite places, and personal beliefs. Did your loved one enjoy the outdoors? What were his/her hobbies? Did he/she follow protocol, or was he/she more individualistic? These answers can help with the decision about how to deal with the ashes.

Cremation Urns

Many people have definite opinions about cremation urns. Some people half-jokingly ask to be saved in a coffee can. Others love beautiful objects, and might request something that is artful and attractive. There are lovers of nature who love all things wood. Urns are available in a variety of sizes, materials, styles, and designs. Remember that you are never obliged to make your decision immediately, or at the funeral home or crematorium. You may request your funeral director to help you find something other than those in their display room. If that's not an option, it's perfectly acceptable to keep the remains in the temporary container until you find just the right urn.

In order to expedite your search, it's really a good idea to spend a little time in reflection about the personality of your loved one. While there are urns with sports logos for an avid sports fan, you wouldn't necessarily select something like that for an elderly woman who spent many years in the garden. On the other hand, an urn with a university insignia might be the perfect choice for a proud alumnus. In other words, try to match the unique characteristics of your loved one with an urn that reflects those traits.

You can specify your online search by using descriptive words, such as: "wooden cremation urn," or "purple glass cremation urn." The advantage of the boundless supply of internet urn companies is that you really do have a choice. Continue your search until you find the perfect piece that reflects the spirit of your loved one.

Did you know that cremation urns are available in ceramic, metal, wood, glass, biodegradable materials, and more? Color is also a consideration. It's a simple, yet wonderful way to personalize an urn. A cheerful, outgoing person would be well represented by an bright-colored urn, while a more demure personality might be honored with soft and lovely colors.

Cremation Urn Size

The most frequently asked question about cremation urns is: "What size urn do I need?" The general rule of thumb is 1 cubic inch per 1 pound of human weight. Most standard, mass-produced cremation urns have a 200 cubic inch capacity. While this is a safe bet, not all people weigh that much at the end of life. If you find an urn that suits your aesthetic, it's fine if it's under 200 cubic inches, as long as the person weighed less than 200 pounds. In other words, a 150 lb. person would need a cremation urn with a 150 cubic inch capacity.

Small or Partial Urns

It is now quite common for families and friends to divide the ashes so that each family member or friend can keep a memento of the loved one. The small or partial urn can also be a good choice if a portion of the ashes have been scattered, and the rest is kept or buried. A small urn is usually less than full sized, yet larger than a keepsake urn.

Keepsake Urns

For those who wish to keep just a very small amount of ash (usually several spoonfuls) a keepsake urn is the perfect choice. The internet gives access to thousands of styles of keepsake urns. Remember to expedite your online search by using specific criteria, such as "ceramic keepsake urns" or "wooden acorn-shaped keepsake urns."

Companion Urns

Many couples are buried together. The same concept of remaining together can be achieved with cremation. A companion urn has enough capacity for two people. A companion urn generally has a capacity of at least 300-400 cubic inches.

Where Will the Cremation Urn Be Stored?

Keeping A Cremation Urn in the Home

A decorative cremation urn is often displayed in a home. Some of today's urns are so beautiful, that they don't necessarily have the look or feel of a typical cremation urn, and can serve the purpose of a lovely home collectible. Many people have a cremation urn of a loved one in their homes. It serves as a tribute to a loved one that remains within the home, and symbolizes that the loved one is always near.

Outdoor Urns

So many people love their gardens, that outdoor urns have gained popularity in recent years. The consideration with outdoor urns is weather resistance. There are plenty materials that are practical and weatherproof. Just be sure to ask, at the time of purchase, if the particular piece will stand up to your local weather trends.

Urn Burial

Many cremation urns are buried. This can be done in a cemetery plot or private land. It's advisable to try to find an urn with minimal environmental impact Many cemeteries are adding green sections because of the growing movement to sustain the environment. A green cemetery has strict regulations about materials that go into the ground. All materials must be biodegradable or easily broken down. Be sure to check with the cemetery about their regulations if you're interested in urn burial.

Niche or Columbarium

A columbarium is wall with containers, called niches, where cremation urns can be stored. They are often found at cemeteries or religious facilities. The size of the niche will determine the size of the urn needed. For example, a 10" cremation urn will not fit in a niche that measures 8" x 8." Be sure to check with the administration of the premises before purchasing an urn if you plan to install it in a columbarium niche.

Memorial Glass

Memorial Glass incorporates a very small amount of ash into the molten material. The end result is a sculptural object that resembles a paperweight form. Color is incorporated at the same time, which lends a great opportunity for personalization, if a favorite color is used. There are many companies that offer memorial glass as a cremation memorial. Each company has a procedure regarding the logistics of sending the ashes to be used in creating the product. Be sure to note these instructions at the time of purchase.

Cremation Jewelry

Ashes can be integrated into pendants, to be worn as cremation jewelry. Due to their popularity, there are many styles available, including traditional pendants, metal chamber pendants, and colorful dichroic glass pendants, bracelets and brooches (pins). The important feature of cremation jewelry is that you can carry the memento or your loved one with you at all times. These pieces are also available using hair or earth from a burial plot if the wearer is not comfortable wearing jewelry that contains ashes.

These are just some of the options that are available as cremation memorials today. It is advisable to be as clear and specific as possible when searching the internet for any of these products. The plethora of choices can render this search overwhelming. However, if you are clear about your preferences, you can eliminate a lot of aimless searching, and you will find the perfect memorial.

Adrienne Crowther is the Owner and Founder of Shine On Brightly, the premier online memorial gallery. The company features works of more than 30 artisans who design and create hand-crafted cremation memorials, including cremation urns, memorial jewelry, memorial paintings, hand-bound guest books, memorial glass, and textile art quilts. Funeral resources provide help for planning a memorial service, and other aspects of funeral planning.

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