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Grief Counseling: Help When You Need It

July 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 270

Is grieving normal?

Grief refers to the process wherein a person tries to come into terms with the loss or death of someone close to him. It may also be a loss due to the breakdown in a love relationship, divorce, ailments, and loss of property through fire or thievery, among others.

People respond to loss in their own special way. Others may be able to cope easily; but some would find it hard, that reality becomes one tangled mess of self-pity and depression. Grief is a typical reaction when a person losses someone or something that is precious to him. It normally takes a bereaved person 2 years to recover from the loss of a loved one. Some would get over the mourning process within this time span, but others would have bouts of depression that would last for several years.

Disorder Syndromes in Grieving Persons

A person who experiences grief may become so disabled that all normal functions shut down. He may resolve to keep to himself and avoid any form of social contact. Extreme outpouring of emotions like anxiety, anger, guilt, confusion and numbness may be expressed in such intensity, that may lead to disorganized thoughts and irrational behavior.

Another situation is when a person is placed in anticipatory grief. This happens when said person is faced with the imminent death of a love one. This also happens when a love one has terminal illness; and the grieving person becomes handicap in facing reality, of either holding on or letting go of the situation.

Grieving Counseling

The grieving process normally takes time. There are people who grieves, but experiences no feeling of depression. About 33% however, of those who grieve, experiences depression within one year after the loss. About half of this percentage, remains depressed one year after. For some who has a history of depression, strong feelings of guilt may lead to thoughts of suicide, dying, worthlessness and hallucinations.

When these situations occur, help from a grief counselor may be needed for this person to get through the grieving process. These counselors can come from competent health centers who can help people deal with this situation. Since people react differently to grief, a psychiatrist would normally not be in the best position to diagnose that person as mentally ill during times of bereavement. A grief counsellor however, would be the person to best help the grieving person get over his grief, by being supportive and compassionate to his plight. Counselling would be in the form of positive reinforcement - that the grieving person is capable of living on his own and without the deceased. The grieving counsellor will talk about the person's loss and lend support for him to accept it. He would encourage the person to make decisions on his own and probably help form new relationships. The grieving counselor would be the best professional to help the person get through the process of mourning; and assure him that what he is going through, is a typical normal response to loss, and not a sign of insanity.

Consolacion S. Miravite is a Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Broker, Lead Farmer, Trader, Accounting Professor, Free-Lance Writer and Blogger. She has written for several companies, institutions and website owners on topics ranging from - Finance, Accountancy, Computers, e-Commerce, Online marketing, crafts, relationships, and others.

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