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Can You Download Someone Else's Mind Into Your Own If They Are Dying?

July 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 203

The Singularity Institute at Stanford University sure comes up with some interesting stuff. Most of it is on the borderline of science and science fiction, so it's probably not for everyone, especially those that don't have a curious mind. One interesting thing they've come up with is the possibility of uploading a mind to a substrate, such as a computer. That may not be possible for a while because the human mind is extremely complex, and the neural networks are quite intricate. Therefore duplication in a computer form will require massive computational trickery.

It's not that it won't be possible the future, at the current rate things are going it quite possibly could be perhaps by 2045 for instance. First, you have to map an entire human mind, know where all the memories are stored, get it all encoded, understand where all the electrical signals go for each type of thought. Then you have to transfer all that into ones and zeros to put on the computer. Then you have to hope that the computer containing the human mind can start thinking on its own and develop consciousness. Obviously, those are a lot of steps, and none of it is going to be very easy.

In fact, it might be easier just to build an organic brain using stem cells, or parts of the brain and try to get it to sync up. In fact, it may be easier in the future to transfer information from one organic brain to another, before we can transfer it to a computer substrate. Now then, what if someone that you are very close to, perhaps a spouse or a child is dying. Could you upload their brain into your own mind temporarily for a couple of decades until which time you can upload their mind into a substrate where they can live for eternity?

Of course, if you uploaded a loved one's brain into your brain, the signals would occasionally cross, so, would you be two people in one, would you become schizophrenic, or can the human mind actually handle that; does it have the capacity? After all, some people invent an invisible friend, others believe that there is an Almighty God present at all times in their mind. Some might call this mild schizophrenia, but is it, and if people can handle that and still function, why couldn't they handle having to minds in one?

Of course, I dare to ask the question, that's why you like to read my articles, my friend, so, what say you about this concept?

It would be terrible to lose a loved one, but what if you could store them inside of your own mind, then in essence they would still have consciousness, and you would become one with them. Those are some heavy thoughts, and they will require some thinking, but as long as we are on the subject I hope you will please consider all this.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Future Concepts. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;

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