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Are You Willing To Pay The Ultimate Price For Financial Freedom?

June 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This immensely wise sentence encompasses the truth why most people never achieve financial freedom in their lives, in spite of their best intentions. Truth, many a new trader turns to trading because they want financial freedom and they do not understand the basics of achieving trading mastery. Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

And, no, it is not about hard work. If it where, hard working people would be very well of. It is a statistical fact that those who work the hardest also have the least money.

Many traders I work with, started out believing that spending countless hours with their charts and practicing all hours God sent, will make them better traders. If only. Overwhelm is a common complaint, particularly from intra day traders. This overwhelm derives from the conditioned need to constantly react to outside circumstances.

True trading mastery and ultimately true financial freedom in any field is achieved by doing less and using more of what you have got. What you have got is YOU.

Ultimate financial freedom is about changing your view of yourself

There is plenty of information out there explaining universal laws and how we function within these laws. Everyone can access the scientific research which proves what the wisdom traditions have been saying since time immemorial: Namely you make your reality from within you. In the final analysis there is nothing outside of you, other than what you first create inside with your thoughts, feelings and mental images which control your actions.

In other words. Your external world is the result of your inner world.

There are no exceptions to this rule. It is true for your relationships, the markets, world economics. The markets are the result of the collective inner consciousness of all participating traders. It is first and foremost how you choose to internally interact with the markets that dictates whether or not you are a winning trader.

The flat refusal of many traders, and most people at large to even consider this truth has not only caused much financial hardship, but is causing major instability in the world as a whole. If we accepted that each and every one of us create each and every event in this world, and that even includes the weather, (yes, our thoughts affect weather patterns), this world would look very different and many a trader who feels insecure about their trading skills would view themselves in a very different light and take a very different approach toward honing their skills.

So, why is it so difficult to accept our immense power, let alone use it?

It has been said by a number of great visionaries that our biggest challenge by far is to accept our power. I had great difficulties with this one too. In my early years of trading I had to face up to my many perceived shortcomings which led me to believe that I was at the mercy of the markets and ultimately powerless, even though I had this little voice inside me that kept saying "You can trade", even in the hours of my deepest despair and self doubt. Little did I realise in those days that I was creating my own straight jacket from lack of self knowledge.

So many traders, new and traders who have traded for a long while are stuck in this old paradigm. It creates trading hesitation, defensiveness and risk aversion and unnecessary insecurity.

These issues are not only issues for traders, but these issues can be observed in any profession. When we doubt ourselves and feel stuck, ultimately it is always a lack of understanding of our true nature and the unwillingness to step into our power that keeps us from moving beyond perceived limitations.

Far from being soft, new agey fluff the understanding of universal laws and your willingness to embrace them so that you can step into your true authenticity with ease are the pillars upon which true financial freedom are built. Financial freedom is born when you become free from the shackles of our outside conditioning, Only when you have this can you hope to become a successful trader.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a Trading and Psychology Coach, independent trader, author and speaker. She has written extensively on trading psychology and the energies of happiness as the foundation for lasting success. Her e-books and on line course for traders are available through her website: where you can sign up for her free course: "7 Little Known Secrets For Happiness and Success"

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