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Metadata Corruption Issue in SQL Databases When Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 318

Corruption seems to be obvious when you do not perform regular integrity checks on your SQL database. It is necessary to pick up corruption in early stages to avoid unnecessary downtime and a serious risk of data loss. When your SQL database is in a suspect state, you should not immediately restart the SQL Server and go for a quick repair. In such cases, you can run 'DBCC CHECKDB' with the 'All_ErrorMsgs' option. You should run this tool to completion and then design a repair strategy. In case the corruption still persists, you should perform SQL recovery using advanced third-party tools.

SQL users are generally faced with metadata corruption or system table corruption. SQL Server 2000 has the provision to make direct changes to the system tables, including the most critical 'sysindexes', 'sysobjects', and 'syscolumns'. It is easy for the SQL 2000 users to work around these tables and also insert, update, or delete whatever is required. However, this sometimes leads to database inconsistency. If you delete an object from 'sysobjects' without updating the same in 'sysindexes' and 'syscolums', you will certainly run the risk of database corruption.

In SQL Server 2005, the DBCC CHECKDB also includes DBCC CHECKCATALOG checks. As a result, when you upgrade to SQL Server 2005, you will receive 'Msg 8992' that indicates metadata corruption:

Msg 8992, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Check Catalog Msg 3853, State 1: Attribute (object_id=1977058079) of row (object_id=1977058079,column_id=1) in sys.columns does not have a matching row (object_id=1977058079) in sys.objects.

The above error appears because of direct updates to the system tables in SQL 2000. This issue cannot be resolved by simply running DBCC CHECKDB on the database. You will need to delete records from the system tables. A more risky way to deal with this is editing the system tables in SQL Server 2005. This is also very complex and not a recommended solution.

You can also try creating scripts of objects in the original database and exporting all the data. Later, you can create a new SQL database and reload all data after recreating the objects. If the above methods fail to repair corruption, you should take help of SQL database recovery software. These third-party tools use advanced, ingenious methods to safely repair damaged SQL databases. They can effectively restore tables, indexes, views, triggers, keys, user-defined functions, etc. Using these utilities, you can also preview your database prior to performing recovery.

Tanvi Sharma is a researcher working on SQL Database corruption issues. She has knowledge in SQL recovery inbuilt utilities & SQL database recovery tools. Check my blog:

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