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Make A Wish Come True and Give Your Figure a Boost With Ballroom Dancing

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 199

Are you fond of watching the "Dancing with the Stars" new 2012 season? Do they take your breath away? This amazing dance-show just compels you to stick your eyes on the Television screen and you just caught up with the music, the dances, the glamour, the demanding competition and the sometimes hurtful, ironical acknowledgment from the judges. Did you follow all the previous seasons, too? You might have just wondered, how come all the dancers look like supermodels. Well the truth is, professional dancers are in their best shape, lean and muscular, flat abs, strong arms and legs. Just think about it! Would you guess that ballroom dancing is actually one of the best workouts that provide you fit body meanwhile you actually enjoying just participating in it?

In reality ballroom dancing was never a boring, slow motion activity, the opposite; it shakes you up from head to toe. It makes you jump, turn, kick, twist, swing and smile of course. Do you love the tango? Does it make your back shiver? Oh, yes it does! Although the movements seam slow but they are very intense. You can't dance the tango like you peel potatoes! You have to put all your emotions and strength into it; otherwise it's just a poor imitation.

So how you get a nice, fit and healthy body? Well, you join a gym for a start. Oh, but wait, are you actually a gym fan? Do you feel comfortable to start out on the treadmill or the free weights? Ups, you have to stand in the line? Everyone else seems to be in better shape than you? So join aerobic classes! But, what happens after six month when you make the same routine over and over again? It won't be challenging anymore, true? So change the group, the style, search around, but why to make all the hustle? It supposed to be fun and easy! Than at the end you just feel frustrated, giving it up and you stay with nothing. So don't do it! Try out something completely different! Take your partner or spouse and join a ballroom dancing class! Don't be inactive just because you didn't find something fun and kindle!

Are you planning to stay fit or get in better shape? Did you know that you can actually burn fat with dancing? When you reach a specific level of proficiency you will even build muscles! All depends on your heart rate.

To calculate the best heart-rate zone for you, just make a simple calculation. Heart rate is the number of heart beats per minute (bpm).

Take your maximum heart rate: 220 - your age = maximum heart rate.

For example I am 33 years old, so my maximum heart rate is 220-33=187.

When you exercise, aim for 50-80 percent of your heart rate. Never pass the 85 percent, it's very dangerous! To burn fat, it's recommended to stay up to 65-70 percent and for endurance, elevate your heart beat above the 70. The more muscles you have the more calories you will burn.

So how all this is connected to ballroom dancing? Well, with a gentle workout like the waltz you may burn 200 calories, while with more intense exercise like jive you can reach 400 calories in one hour.

Ballroom dancing not only makes you happy, fit and desirable but it also moves all the major muscle groups at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner, have a blast and enjoy life! You don't have a partner? Don't worry about it; all dance-schools will pair you up with a nice, likeminded gal or guy. Who knows, maybe you will meet someone special... So are you still here? Do you want to dance with me, because I am definitely having the time of my life!

So You Do want to dance with me?:-) Come on and follow a wish come true, then visit to read a little bit more on ballroom dancing.

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