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The Foldable Sunglasses Craze - How Do They Work?

June 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 226

Hot for this summer's fashion on the go are foldable sunglasses for both fashion and play. A pair of foldable sunglasses is, of course, highly convenient and gives wearers a new way to easily transport their glasses wherever they go.

Many of the big designer labels have recently released their own version of the foldable sunglass such as Ray-Ban, Prada, Chloé and Persol. If you thought that the Ray-Ban aviator couldn't get any better, then think again. Now you can fold them up into half the size and carry them in your pockets during exercise or to fit in your clutch handbag. Most of these new breed of sunglasses are available with polarized lenses making them ideal for sports such as cycling and jogging.

But just how do these impressive foldable sunglasses work?

The magic happens via a small hinge on the bridge of the frame, which allows for the sunglasses to be safely folded into a smaller package.They fold outward to avoid any damage such as scratching or rubbing of the lenses to avoid touching each other. The arms sit snuggly in the middle to avoid any pressure points being compromised resulting in a looser fit and weakening the hinges.

How do you keep them from breaking if you're wearing them so close to your body, in your pockets?

Most of these specialty sunglasses come with very thick, padded cases that offer additional protection from knocks and bumps. Be sure to buy only name brand foldable sunglasses as this is where you pay for good quality hinges, arms and bridges that will ensure their toughness so if you forget that you've got them in your back pocket, they'll survive the accident.

How could you use these new foldable sunglasses?

Once folded, it's then possible to fit the sunglasses into a tiny and convenient compartment that allows the wearer to ride a bike, go jogging or stash into a mini handbag. The sky's the limit when it comes to outdoor sports, they could even be used while rock climbing to help maneuver between sunny and shady patches of rock. This new breed of sunglasses provides any sunglass lover a whole new dimension to the flexibility of wearing them and even turns them into sports sunglasses if you buy them with polarized lenses.

These designer sunglasses can be a big investment that can run into the hundreds of dollars.These high price points mean that if your sunglass lenses are ever scratched, you'll want to get replacement lenses instead of buying a new pair. Luckily, there are various online services that will quickly offer lens replacement.

It is possible to maintain your investment in designer sunglasses, thanks to getting replacement lenses, which allow you to bypass the cost and inconvenience of buying a whole new pair of sunglasses.Thanks to online lens replacement services, you can simply order replacement lenses if your lenses become scratched or damaged in any way.Knowing that this convenient option is available means that it is possible to easily preserve your investment in your new foldable sunglasses even if your lenses become damaged.

The Sunglass Fix manufactures and sources the best all-around sunglass lenses available on the market. They leverage the latest optical technology to shape them to customers' existing frames. The company has thousands of sunglass replacement lenses ready for free, immediate dispatch anywhere in the world. Additionally, their lenses can be custom cut and installed in just about any pair of sunglasses with two lenses.

The Sunglass Fix focuses on environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. Their goal is to create a viable company that employs hardworking, dedicated people and provides a wonderful business solution that will help reduce waste while improving their customers lives. It has taken four years for the team at The Sunglass Fix to develop their lenses and refine their business operations so they can provide what they think will be an industry changing solution for sunglass users.

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