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E-Commerce And Cyber Crime - Part 5

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 344

E-business security is not any detached process. It is an ongoing as well as comprehensive process of adding, removing and managing action layers that are based upon holistic risk management strategies. In military as well as other organizations, this concept is referred to as "defense in depth," a popular mark that does not sufficiently capture the concept of a "from-the inside-out" cyber defense.

Nowadays the organizations are providing greater access to their systems to the normal people as well as the outer systems. So the danger is immense now. For getting safe from that danger, an organization needs to integrate a cyber defense system encompassing all the interconnectedness points from the inside out. In order to avoid escalating e-crime risks, the organizations need to avoid one dimensional, under informed behavior and rather develop a holistic strategy in case of cyber defense. There are some steps that are taken by the leading organizations. These are as follows:

1. Establish security policies that are focused, clear and integrated. 2. Alert the employees properly and provide them with technical training. 3. Hire capable as well as trained workers and support them in building and maintaining an integrated response to attacks. 4. Inspire awareness about the electronic risks and threats throughout the organization. 5. Pursue the e-crime perpetrators against the organization to the fullest extent of law.

Such a system offers a lot of benefits in deterring attacks and in diminishing the intrusion effects. If properly implemented as well as communicated, an enterprise wide cyber defense system can help an organization in case of preventing liability on behalf of the client management, avoiding regulatory action or potential lawsuits, recovering lost revenue, maintaining or restoring its reputation as well as integrity. Thus preparedness can become a strategic advantage in a business environment that is increasingly dependent on the security as well as reliability of the computer networks.

An ideal enterprise wide cyber defense includes integrated strategies which is established in the form of policies, procedures, philosophies, practices etc. and is implemented through defined action plans. These strategies should encompass legal, technical and business strategies. These strategies should be implemented in such a way that considers customers, employees, suppliers, third party relationships and other key stakeholders. Thus, instead of a "wrap around" capability which encompasses all the systems as well as processes, a strong cyber defense system is an integral part of those processes and systems.

When creating a cyber defense system, organization leaders should consider very carefully what they can lose.

Assets of new economy business encompass a wide variety of intangibles that can be removed very easily in a virtual setting. In order to understand the implications of potential losses and have the ability to defend against them, organization leaders need to learn how to define "assets" in the widest possible way. Once the organization knows what they need to protect, they need to develop a specific strategy to implement an enterprise wide defense program. Such a strategy should encompass response procedures as well as standards that are integrated into daily business. is the resource for your ultimate criminal law solution.

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