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The Definition of a Customer

July 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 192

Delivering and exceeding a customer's expectations is important to good leaders in any industry that hope to satisfy their customers and secure their customers' business in the present and in the future. Some of you reading may think that you're an exception to this statement because maybe you don't sell a product or service. But, you're not. A customer doesn't have to be someone that is paying for something - a customer is simply someone that benefits by something that you are offering.

Read that again: Customers don't always have to be individuals who are exchanging money with you; customers are individuals who are receiving something from you.

This broadens the concept of customer service - which it should. This means that customers can be internal or external, low on the totem pole or high on the ladder, your peer or your partner, and so forth. Narrowing your definition of 'customer,' only limits your ability to satisfy the customer and generate success from that customer. This limits the impact you can have - which nobody should ever be interested in doing.

Regardless of your industry, your experience or your background - my recommendation to you right now would be to IDENTIFY YOUR CUSTOMERS. Make a list of everyone that currently benefits from what you have to offer - these are your first priorities because they are immediate opportunities. Afterward, make a list of those who could benefit from what you have to offer or have a need that you believe you could fulfill. These customers are second priorities - they will require a bit more strategy because you aren't currently in contact with them - but nonetheless, there is a lot of potential with this pool.

There are many advantages to taking this approach to customer service, but I will focus on the top two.

#1. EMPOWERMENT - If you look at your role as simply one rodent running the rat race, I'll be shocked if you find that satisfying and motivating long-term. You will get burnt out, frustrated and fried, well before your time. But, if you feel as though you are the one in control - you are much more likely to take control over what you can... and your relationship with your customers, whoever you identify them to be, is one of the factors you can control.

#2. PERSONAL BRAND - At every business, on every team and in every industry, personal brand matters. Your personal brand is how you differentiate yourself from others, highlight your assets and define what you do in the workplace. Your personal brand is of supreme importance when it comes to your success. For this reason, if you're constantly treating everyone and anyone like a customer, you will be that much more aware and intentional about how you listen, treat and help others... and they will be that much more likely to remember and respect you... and willing to receive what you have to offer.

By the way, do you want learn how increase customer satisfaction and retention-today? If so, I suggest you check our free guide:

Rick Conlow is CEO with WCW Partners, a management consulting and training firm. Rick has helped organizations increase sales 218%, improve repeat and referral business by 20%, increase customer retention to 99%, reduce complaints by 60% and achieve 34 quality awards. You can reach Rick at: or 888-313-0514.

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