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The Customer Is Always Right? Wrong

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 185

Every business owner or company manager needs to properly understand their customers' need because it is a significant factor when it comes to the success of the business. At the end of the day, you're in business because of people who buy from you. Your decisions as a business leader need to focus around what will keep customers coming back.

Is the customer really ALWAYS right?

It is a common slogan that customers are always right. That's just not true. Customer are wrong, a lot. Customers often won't read instructions, they don't read Web site service or product descriptions, they follow instructions incorrectly, they break things. They're often confused. In essence, the customer it NOT always right.

But! The customer is ALWAYS the customer. Wrong customers buy things. Wrong customers spend money. As business owners and business leaders, we want our companies to succeed. That involves selling goods and services too ALL CUSTOMERS, the right ones and the wrong ones. Because all customers spend money, we want them to keep coming back, right or wrong.

How much to you REALLY care about your customers?

We all love happy customers. We all love praise and positive feedback. We want to be recognized for the good things being done. All of that good and positive messages can become a trap. We can often get trapped into just loving the happy customer. We love the ones who are just positive, and wish the negative, problematic, complaining ones would just go away.

There is a real gem hidden in those complaints. The complaint and advice we get is very significant to the growth of your business. The response received from customers after offering a product or service will help your organization to know customers' expectations and plan on how to improve it.

Negative feedback is the best place to start working to make your organization or team even better. Some people just never complain, they won't say what bothers them, even if something really does. A customer who is bothered by something you do or don't do, is someone who is open to being stolen by a competitor. Be open to the complaints, the negative feedback, the upset people. Show them you care, ask them to be involved in the process of making things better. Get ideas from them on what would make their experience perfect. Then get to work on making it happen.

Right or wrong, you benefit from all customers.

There are so many benefits derived from customer experience management when properly implemented for a business. When you understand your customers' feelings, aspirations and expectations, you are better positioned to motivate your service care team to perform to expectation.

Flavio Martins is The Customer Service Management Coach. As a blogger and service fanatic, bad service keeps him up at night so he's on a mission to make excellent service consistent, simple, and easy.

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