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Going On A Cruise? Get Cruise Ship Ratings

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 181

If you are about to make the decision to go on a cruise and have picked out your cruise line, dates, destinations, etc., then you can always check on the cruise ship ratings of the cruise ship of your choice. These ratings will let you know how many stars your ship of choice gets in the current year, if you are lucky. Otherwise you can see ratings from earlier years.

Cruise lines are usually pretty diligent about their ratings and try to keep them up to date as possible. If you can only find a rating that's over five years, then check out the ship itself. Be aware that there may be renovations to be done/already made or other things happening which is why the rating is older. It is a good idea to simply put the name of the ship and the world 'rating' into Google and see if you can come up with a later dated one.

Cruise ship ratings are fine, especially in number of stars and are great for a final decision if you are to go with this particular ship or not. However, it is often really good to look at the reviews online as well. Of course most reviewers write subjectively but you can get an overall good idea from several reviews if this vessel and program is for you.

For example, I was interested in one particular cruise ship and although the ratings were very good, I then checked out reviews on the ship and discovered that several people had not liked the ship's décor and that it was old fashioned, possibly attracting an older crowd. This is exactly the information that could influence your decision whether to go on this cruise ship or not. So do check out the reviews, even if the ratings are good. Obviously what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another so be sure to read several reviews before your decide.

You should also be careful how many stars are rated for each liner as some websites have six ratings where others have only five. There is also a category called U which means unrated. For example one six star rating has one star as pretty bad, two stars fair, three stars good to average, four very good, five outstanding and six best of the best.

Please bear in mind that these ratings can be misleading as you might read an outstanding rating and later discover that this was because they had an amazing children's entertainment program. Doesn't count if you are sailing alone or with your partner.

Hopefully with research into cruise ship ratings and also reviews, your will end up having a great cruising experience.

For more ideas about how cruise ship ratings can help you enjoy your perfect cruise. Also check out

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