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CPR Do's and Dont's - Know Your Tissues

March 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 91

Pseudo-stratified, ciliated, columnar epithelium with goblet cells might sound like a mouth-full, but when you break it down all that that really means is: tall cells packed closely together with microscopic hairs on top, and nuclei at different heights interspersed with mucus-producing cells. So....why is this important? These cells litter the human respiratory tract and are among the ones most damaged by smoking, the common cold, and improper ventilation. As members of the medical industry it is absolutely mandatory that we account for as many scenarios as possible, for instance knowing that a smoker is going to have decreased airway resistance due to the death of the microscopic hairs on the top of these cells. Some major tissues in cardiopulmonary treatment include:

  • Cardiac Muscle - easily distinguished from other bodily muscles by the thick bands that cover it (striations). This muscle tissue is rich in mitochondria, allowing for fantastic rates of aerobic respiration (energy production requiring oxygen) resulting in negligible muscle fatigue. IMPORTANT TO NOTE - anaerobic respiration (energy production without oxygen, aka lactation) produces lactic acid, which will fatigue the heart. Fatigue becomes critical for cardiac muscle at an anaerobic respiration rate around 10%. To avoid excessive lactation during CPR, make sure that the patient is well and properly ventilated.
  • Arterial Vascular Tissue - Blood vessels leading away from the heart that carry oxygen rich blood used in aerobic respiration. IMPORTANT TO NOTE - arteries function off of blood pressure. If an artery has been severed extreme discretion should be used when applying CPR to the patient, as the profusion pressure created by the treatment may result in additional blood loss and damage.
  • Vein Vascular Tissue - Blood vessels leading to the heart. Carry waste rich blood excreted by the pulmonary system. IMPORTANT TO NOTE - profusion in veins is not controlled by the width of the vessel but rather by muscle action. A paralyzed patient may have decreased venial profusion due to decreased muscle action.

These are only small examples of the far reaching effects that tissue quality has on the cardiovascular system, but they help to illustrate how delicate the system can be. Thousands of different tissues exist. In any case, the most important factors in the success of any medical undertaking (including CPR) are knowledge and an ability to adapt. Through the use of mechanical CPR, adaptations can be quickly and accurately made in accordance with the instruction of a qualified user.

For more information about mechanical CPR, CPR products, or our hands-free CPR system, please visit the Michigan Instruments website.

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