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When Making the Right Self Defense Choice Matters!

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

Pepper Spray Vs. Pepper Gel

Pepper spray products for women vary in both prices and quality. The sprays are meant as a defensive tool against an attacker when the woman or man is unable to physically fight it out. They are not meant for intimidation or harassment as faced sometime back at Wal-Mart when a lady shopper sprayed other shoppers on black Friday to be able to get a bargain video console.

The sprays are meant for students, joggers and or those who walk in place where danger looms and are normally in need of constant protection both during the day and night. They come in two distinctive products, mainly Gels and Spray.

A lot has been said about the effectiveness of these sprays - whether the Gel or the spray is better or more effective. To be able to effectively address this, you need to have a clear view of both the advantages and disadvantages and their effectiveness during attacks.

Sprays and the Gels are convenient and can be carried in the hand or holstered in the belt depending on the make and the level of danger you are facing. The most important factor is to get pepper spray products for women that will be easier to use and have longer effects on the attacker thereby giving one enough time to escape or call for help.

Pepper Spray Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Sprays are easier to use and can be used by both men and women with ease.
  • They are not messy and are quite easy to use. With just one press of the knob, the attacker will have had the effects of the pepper within their eyes.
  • The disadvantages that come with the spray is that they sometimes get jammed when least expected.
  • A user has to be within close range of an attacker to be able to be able to use it.
  • Wind is also a factor. This makes is difficult when there is more than one attacker.
  • Pepper spray products for women are some of the most effective products for women when faced with an attacker.

Pepper Gel Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Gels on the other hand offer a longer lasting effect on the attacker. On most occasions they are caught off-guard and as they try to clear the Gel from their eyes they end up causing more damage and further injury to themselves.
  • When attacking with Gel, the user does not have to worry about the wind conditions and can be used within a wider range.
  • The other advantage that comes with the Gel is that there is no throwback because it is sticky, not a spray.
  • To have the full benefit with Pepper Gel, you have to aim at the eyes and face area.

Another factor worth noting is that Spray and Gels differ greatly in price, size and the contents of the pepper in the device.

With the increase of the types of pepper spray products for women, it is very important to buy the product that will offer the most protection when attacked. Be informed before purchasing a self defense product.

Stay Safe!

Lawanna Bean is passionate about writing articles that help people stay safe. She also markets self defense products for women that are top quality and competitively priced. There's no reason you can't protect yourself. A canister of mace or Pepper Spray costs under $10.00. Personal safety for you and your family should be your No. 1 priority!

For more information on Personal Safety Products for Women, check out her website at

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