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Tracking Sex Offenders With a GPS Might Increase Their Risk of Re-Offending

April 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

An interesting phenomena has risen up on the outskirts of many communities in Georgia and Florida. Squatter communities of sexual predators and rapists, living in tents and shanties built of the city's cast-off waste, have formed after the residents were elbowed out of living within the city limits by citizens and legal authorities. At risk for re-offending, these criminals pose a serious threat to citizens of the local towns.

The prohibitive costs of paying to keep a criminal fed, clothed and housed in a prison have caused law enforcement to look to modern cost-cutting technologies for a solution. GPS tracking has, until recently, only been used for a reprimand for minor crimes, instead of jail time, which would be excessive for some crimes. It has also been used for the post-incarceration probation period, and for delinquent minors who clearly require reprimand. Authorities are hesitant to send youths into prisons with hardened criminals, because the environment isn't conducive to their rehabilitation, and is more likely to increase their likelihood of committing another offense.

These GPS tracking bands are used on violent and sexual offenders, who are no longer permitted to integrate themselves with normal society. Their rights to freedom of mobility are effectively just as suspended as it would have been had they been kept in prison. They are not permitted to rent, own, live, or spend the night in a home that is within a 2500 foot area around the city's center. The circle has a wide breadth, effectively preventing them from living in any established community. Moreover, communities are near enough to each other for their perimeters to overlap, backing the criminals increasingly further out of inhabited areas. The convicted felons are free to travel into the communities during the day.

Homes in the outskirts of cities start increasing their cost again, switching their marketed selling point from the metropolitan "access to downtown" to the suburban preference for more space and less noise. Apartments are few, because the residents are expected to be settled families. Forced to live in areas they can neither afford, nor afford to get to and from, the overwhelming majority of these offenders are homeless and living in communities under bridges. Most of them are prevented from holding steady employment by their criminal past, homelessness, and the long commute. While it might feel incredibly counter intuitive to help these individuals, the conditions in which we are now forcing them to live are factors that increase the likelihood of re-offending - something that puts the communities we were trying to protect at further risk.

A true fleet tracking enthusiast, Tracy Liedman has worked for over 10 years as a fleet manager for commercial fleet operators and has garnered a vast experience with different types of vehicle tracking solutions.

She likes to stay informed on the most recent developments in the industry, having an almost academic interest in GPS fleet tracking technology and typical system architectures.

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