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Prevent Violent Crimes - Buy the Best Stun Guns

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 131

It is time for all of us to take steps to prevent violent assaults. Don't fall for the faulty police claims that violent crimes are declining. This is an intentional ruse by police administrators to fool the general public all over the country. In my tenure with the Baltimore Police Department, there was a lot of pressure for all officers to downgrade serious crime reports when the arrest of the suspect was doubtful. For example, attempted rapes were changed to assaults and attempted burglaries were changed to vandalism. This is a common practice with many large and small police agencies. I regularly do research on nationwide violent crime statistics and not only are they increasing, but they are becoming much more brutal in nature.

When I was a teenager living in a rough neighborhood many of my friends would carry box cutters and pocket knives as a deterrent. We were not looking for trouble but many of our associates had been assaulted and beaten by local gang members.Thankfully, in our present-day high-tech society there are other safer weapons to choose from. Today, many individuals buy stun guns for self defense. This is an excellent choice because they are legal in most states and they have been used for years by the police and the military. They are also very easy to use and they have some type of safety switch or button to prevent accidental discharge. Usually you have to be over eighteen years old to obtain one of these products, although a few states have outlawed them.

Last year, I recommended that a friend purchase the best stun gun in my inventory. He eventually bought the weapon, but he kept it in his glove compartment even though it came with a holster to attach it to a belt. One night when he parked his car in front of a local pizza joint, several unarmed juvenile delinquents approached his car and demanded his money. The driver attempted to reach over the passenger seat and open the glove box and retrieve the weapon. However, the young thugs opened the door and tried to drag him out of his vehicle. He then kicked loose from the attackers and got the stunning device and just discharged it into the air. The assailants all ran away after hearing the loud popping sound and observing the electric sparks fly into the night air.

Of course, any type of weapon for protection is useless unless you have it on your person when you're assaulted. My friend almost learned this lesson the hard way. Sometimes, you will actually have to zap your assailant and immobilize him to survive being injured. I had the pleasure of disabling a man with my best stun gun, when he attempted to steal my lawn mower one night. One of my neighbors called me on the telephone and advised me a stranger was inside my opened garage. I confronted the man with my stun gun, and he threatened to punch me out. I placed the weapon on his neck and only held it there for a few seconds, and he collapsed on the floor. I then stood over him until the police arrived and arrested him.

There are virtual thousands of cases when this product has been used to fight off assailants and subdue all types of criminals. I realize that some people think that they will never become a crime statistic. There are thousands of murder victims and injured individuals who had the same misconception. Preparation is the key to self-preservationin our tumultuous times. My recommendation is to buy stun guns and distribute them to all of your adult family members for self defense. Someday, when you least expect it, you may run into the wrong person, and then you will be glad that you took my advice.

Jerry is a Security Consultant and the owner of Defendmax LLC. You can visit his site and find a great selection of the best stun guns. There is currently a sale on selected products. Yo can buy stun guns on sale and have them shipped immediately to your home.

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