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Legal Is Just Another Word for Freedom

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 157

We haven't always been this way. Our constitution was meant to be a living, breathing organism. We were supposed to change it, to fit the needs of its people. What if its people wanted to destroy it and enslave themselves. Unfortunately this is also allowed. The problem we have in America is called the law of unintended consequences. I believe that most people working for this country genuinely had the best interests at heart. I'm the first to point out crooked politicians as people out for their own gain, but when laws were enacted I don't think they saw what they would create. No one really can. I can't see too far in the future. That's why I'm convinced we have to rely on freedom, and sometimes we need to emphasize what freedom is.

Drug legalization is always a hotly debated topic. If you are for drug legalization then you are just a dirty hippie that wants to sit around and smoke weed all the time, or you are a strung out junkie. I always find this interesting because the people that sit around and smoke weed all the time aren't out fighting, they're sitting around smoking somewhere. A strung out junkie doesn't have time to debate legalization because they're too busy looking for a fix. They definitely don't care if it's legal and they definitely don't have a problem finding it. So, who are the people that fight for legalization. Maybe they're freedom lovers. Maybe they know the problems and just because they think something should be legal doesn't mean they think it's a good idea.

Marijuana legalization is on the forefront at the moment. More people are coming around but for the wrong reasons. The debate says marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. The argument against this is that this is a gateway drug. They are both right. No one has ever died from overdosing on marijuana. Marijuana can be a gateway drug for those that are exploratory. Thank you federal government for causing this problem. When you have a drug policy that says "Say No to drugs...all drugs, every drug is bad and will kill you." Well what happens when you try something and it doesn't kill you? You distrust the source. Well if marijuana won't kill me then this heroin should be ok. They were wrong about that, they're probably wrong about this.

So, the argument to legalize marijuana is because it's not as dangerous as the others. Is that really the argument we have to make in a free society? Why don't people just say I have the right to do whatever I want as long as I don't infringe on another person. People will argue that if you legalize drugs that, "You will just create a society of crack heads." They will steal, kill and do other harmful things. Boom, arrest them. They infringed on another person. Put people in jail as justice for the victim, not because you were trying to prevent something. And, I don't really believe that legalizing drugs is going to make everyone want to go out and do it. I don't need the government to tell me crack is whack.

The problem with the current system is that we punish the people that don't use drugs, we give a revenue source to violent criminals, and we don't stop anything. Thousands of people are in jail because of drugs. There is no victim, yet taxpayers pay to keep them out of society. We take away their freedom because we don't like their choices. That's a scary thought. There would be no drug dealers if there was no demand. When you cut off the supply to any product you make it more valuable to the ones that have it. The war on drugs has stopped nothing. Do you really believe that a crackhead doesn't know where to find crack? Do you really believe that someone that wants marijuana can't find it? Oh, it looks good on the news when we have a major bust, but we're not stopping anything.

Like I said, the constitution wasn't written with drugs illegal. The constitution wasn't written with an entitlement mentality. The constitution was written so that people were supposed to be free as long as they didn't infringe on another person's rights. Now the government is looked at like a parent. They are going to tell us what's best for us. They are going to protect us from ourselves. They are going to write tickets for not wearing a seat belt while driving a car. Well, you can't hurt another person, but we will protect you from yourself, by taking your money. You're not smart enough to know what things to put in your body so we will make things illegal. The government will protect us, well it's no wonder we have developed an entitlement mentality. The government said it will protect us from everything and give us everything if we just do what they say.

This isn't freedom. Freedom is the ability to choose poorly and accept the consequences of those choices. Freedom is only really at work if I know I could have messed up. It's the department of justice not the department of prevention. Rules should be designed to seek justice for the victim of a situation. The scary part is what if I told you, "We could stop a lot of violent crimes if we locked up all Asians." They haven't committed a crime yet, but if we can prevent it we should. Sure, there may be some innocent people that get locked up, but it's worth it for the crimes we prevented. Now, people here this and say, "that's crazy. That would never happen." It always happens when your objective is prevention instead of justice. It's a scary mentality. The truth is the only freedom we have is what the government gives us.

Obviously with unlimited freedom you have anarchy. There has to be a compromise. My only belief is that illegal should mean exactly what it says, "loss of freedom" Nobody wants to lose freedom, but they do want rules. I firmly believe we should have rules that protect the individual. That means that I should be punished if I kill, steal or somehow infringe on your property rights. Usually what "rules" means is make things illegal that don't affect me and make others to conform to my way of thinking. Many people would love to make a rule against rap music because they don't like it. It's a scary slope when you go down it. "I don't do drugs, so make rules against them." What will you say, when they make rules against things that you do? What will you do when they say that you can't eat a hamburger because it's too bad for you? You won't have a leg to stand on. When you embrace the mentality that says we can tell other people how to live, then don't be shocked when the government tells you how to live.

Stand on the side that says, "People can do whatever they want with their lives except infringe on another person's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Educate people. Educate people and give them examples of good and bad choices and then leave it up to them. I don't need the government to endorse my choices, I just need them to leave me alone and let me make them. I don't need the government to give me things. I just need them to leave me alone and let me get them. I don't need the government to protect me from myself. I need the government to get out of my way and give me the pride to know I made good decisions when I could have made bad.

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