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Does Law Enforcement Deserve the BEST?

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 118

As a law enforcement professional you prepare yourself mentally that you are going to be careful and your coming home to your family after a shift. First thing you prepare yourself is to check your gear. Start with yourself - check your gun, shotgun and your AR. Make sure they are clean and working condition. You check your uniform and just before leaving put that boot knife in or knife in your pocket it is all about survival out there on patrol. ALWAYS check your patrol car and the most important is the tire pressure and that could play a part in your survival. Check your engine, windows and blades if they are clean you can see better. POLICE officers are killed to car accidents more than by gun. Everything I write about is your survival out their on patrol. It's having that mentality your coming home to your family. I can not stress enough on preparing yourself with the right tactical gear it could save your life. I BELIEVE in lots of training and training in care of your gear.

We go to war to fight crime so we just as the military need the best of the best. You go to the firing range you learn all about firearms and how to shoot, you spend a lot of time in preparing for this so its the same for all of your gear. You don't think about this but get plenty of rest and sleep to get into that mentality for patrol. It's hard to with a family to get the rest you needed plus stay in good health, eat right and exercises. It's hard to kept family matters at home and not bring them to work - it keeps your mind off thinking straight. It's goes the same - if you had bad day don't bring it home. When you are at work a lesson to be learn anything can happen and life is unpredictable so when the unthinkable does happen, respond quickly, act decisively and prepare to take the heat. Confronted with the prospect of being shot at, rammed, or colliding with some other vehicle or pedestrian an officer's emotions may cloud his or her vision or judgement this where your training comes in and use your head and stay focus, stay under control and use common sense. You as an officer can and will stay ahead of the bad guys.

Visit Contact: lawenforcementpros Phone 423 765 1901 Owner Mark Murph Hi I am glad your here, I am a Lieutenant on patrol of the fifth largest county in Tennessee. I have over 25 years of experience. I have seen a lot and when times where tough you think you never make it. I survived by using common sense. I have a daughter that is a police officer in a near by city. I`m over two sergeants and eight men. Times have change a lot in development of products and equipment for law enforcement. Tha'ts why at lawenforcementpros I want the professionals to have the very best products, tactical gear, survival knifes, gun sights and accessories.

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