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Test Cricket Will Stand The Test of Times

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 178

Decades ago when ODI was introduced people thought Test Cricket would eventually die. Years after it is still holding fort. It can definitely withstand the onslaught of T20 cricket. Here are my reasons why it will stand the test of times.


6s and 4s are not enough for popularity. T20 gives you a lot of 6s and 4s. But there is already signs of fatigue among the spectators. A boundary does not impress the crowd the way it would impress them a few years ago. And most of the wickets in T20 are batsman's mistake rather than bowler's skill. Ultimately fans will crave for some sensational bowling performances with lots of swings, bouncers, good length balls and genuine spin, which only Tests can offer.


Though Test cricket is lengthy there are a lot of interesting phases. Fans can choose those phases of the matches to see. And if sporty wickets are prepared we will have a lot of result oriented matches. If the night test matches are introduced they will attract a lot more fans.


Because Test cricket series is typically played over 2 months and between two nations it leaves long lasting evergreen memories. For example T20 can never come near the hype around an Ashes series or Border Gavaskar trophy. On the other hand even the so called most thrilling T20 matches are easily forgotten in a few months.


Even the best teams can have off days. What happens in T20 is that even a lowly ranked team can beat the World's number one team on a given day. Its becomes a kind of lottery. On the other hand Test Cricket gives every team an opportunity to come back in the match. So a win in a Test match can never ever be a fluke. To beat a top ranked team the other team has to be really good. That is why Test cricket is always more competitive.


As of now the administrators like BCCI are reluctant to conduct test matches citing declining popularity. But a time will come when fatigue sets in for T20. Then they will realise they can earn more money by promoting Test cricket because you get 5 days in a match for income via TV rights, tickets etc.

Do share your thoughts. Awaiting your comments...

I am a busy medical practitioner who somehow finds time for Cricket.

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