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Things to Try While in a Lucid Dream

June 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 210

If you want a list of ideas and creative things to try while in a lucid dream, you now have the golden treasure at the end of the rainbow. I'm going to show you ways that you can experience purpose and growth in your dreams, as well as ways you can have pure fun.

When you experience that moment of lucidity, it's like no other moment. It's when you have that sense of knowing you are dreaming, and that there is a physical version of you who is asleep. That deep knowing you have contains a vast amount of potential for creativity and healing that will carry over into your "waking life."

Here are some exciting and enlivening things to try while in a lucid dream.

Send Prayers and Forgiveness to Others

One of the best things you can do while dreaming is to consciously send prayers and feelings of forgiveness to people in your life. If you want to keep others in your thoughts, this is a perfect time to do so.

Messages can be sent and received across the dream world, so keep your mind and heart open to this process if you feel it would be helpful to you and your loved ones.

Solve a Conflict or Invent Something

If you have some kind of conflict going on in your regular life, then it's possible to reach creative solutions in your dreams. You can also find concepts that can develop into new inventions or catalysts in your everyday experience.

The most famous geniuses throughout history claimed to have discovered their inventions or theories in dreams. You have this potential, too!

Go Somewhere New

For something less purpose-oriented, try to explore your surroundings. Many people find that in lucid dreams that they are able to create their environment and morph into new ones, while others seem to be stuck wherever they are. Either way, that's okay.

Move around and try to develop the sense of knowing you can change what this dream world looks like when you decide to. This is what the freedom of lucid dreaming is all about.

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

If you really want to have fun with lucid dreams, try doing something out of the ordinary.

  • Do a flip in the air.
  • Dive into any water you see.
  • Fly above a city like Superman/Superwoman.
  • Eat a gallon of ice cream.
  • Talk to animals.
  • Invent a language.

Get out of your comfort zone; this is the place to do it. You might be surprised at what you can do! Anything is possible when you know you are dreaming. Best wishes, and safe travels.

Allison Nelms loves lucid dreaming and helping others find their inner power, happiness, and creativity.

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Things To Do While In A Lucid Dream


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Things To Do In A Lucid Dream

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