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The Power Of Creative Visualisation

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 144

Creative visualisation is a powerful technique in the process of solving problems, creating solutions, achieving your goals, and making your dreams come true.

Whilst creative visualisation is powerful, it is also one of the most difficult techniques. I come across so many people in my coaching practice, who attempt visualisation and then tell me it does not work.

Further probing reveals that they did not practice for more than a week maximum, yet expected major results!

That attitude is endemic of a society that has put emphasis on convenience and quick fix.

Visualisation is the art of creating an image of a desired outcome, as if it is happening now. Napoleon Hill captures the complexity of the skill in his book 'The Keys To Success' p7:

'The subconscious mind receives any image that is transferred to it by the conscious mind under strong emotion. Think of the pair as a camera. The conscious mind acts as a lens, concentrating the image of your desires and bringing them to a point on the film of the subconscious.

Getting good pictures with this camera is the same as it is with any other: the focus must be sharp, there must be good exposure, and the timing must be right.

Correct focus requires a clear definition of purpose. The composition of the photo must be made with care and precision; you decide what to include in the frame. The proper timing is determined by the intensity of your desire at the moment of exposure.'

You can see from this description that visualisation is both a science and an art that involves key ingredients - definite purpose and desire, for example. Two of the most common challenges I come across with this process are:

1. Those who struggle to visualise clearly, because the visual sense is not their dominant sense of processing information.

2. When they visualise they do so in a detached way. In other words they do not see their vision as if it has already happened. What they see is the gap between now and then - their lack of vision

Steps To Improving Visualisation

If your dominant sense of processing information is not visual, play to your strengths by using your other senses to sense your vision, dream or outcome. Also use empowering questions to direct the focus of your senses.

I use this to great effect as my visual sense is not my strongest sense. In tandem with this continue to flex your visual muscle. The way to improve visualisation is by visualising more, with the help of the tips just given.

Practise seeing your dream as if it has already happened. The act of seeing your dream as if it has already happened adds the emotional intensity required for the image to be imprinted firmly on the subconscious.

As Napoleon Hill adds:

'This sort of repeated exposure of the subconscious to the image of your desire is crucial. You must work at the process repeatedly until you have transferred the exact image you want into your subconscious mind.'

This type of imprinting opens doors to creative ideas as to how and what steps to take to close the gap from where you are now to the realisation of your dream:

'The intensity with which you impress your subconscious with a picture of your plan directly affects the speed with which the subconscious will go to work to attract the picture's physical counterpart by inspiring you to take the right steps.'

Draw out on paper what you are sensing and perceiving. This will help to formulate your images. You do not have to be an artist. A tool that may assist you in this process is goal mapping.

Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein attribute their respective success to their ability to engage with creative visualisation to solve their challenges. We have benefited from their discovery.

I have used this successfully to write my upcoming book and receive top industry endorsement without campaigning for it.

I got clear on my values, my purpose and desire, set my standards for delivery of valuable content, and visualised the solution of finding true ambassadors of personal development to review and endorse the book based on the value they saw.

I took action based on the ideas that arose as a result of visualisation, and the intuitive nudges that resulted. Had I relied on logic alone I would not have achieved this.

So practise creative visualisation, so that you can gain insights and ideas for action, then act accordingly with belief and perseverance, and witness the doors that start to open in your life.

Rooting for your success with visualisation


Anita Narayan is a highly endorsed author, speaker and coach. She is shortly to release her new book Breaking Free From The Prison Of Survival. Find out more at

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