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Quiet and Introspection

February 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141

The mind is always at work. The brain is always processing something. Even when we are asleep, our brains keep working. Dreams come about because the brain is processing thoughts as we sleep. That is the purpose of the brain. It strives to understand what's going on in its environment and alerts us to things that are important to us. It helps us disregard most of what happens around us. If we paid attention to everything there were to feel, see, hear, smell, or taste around us, we would be overloaded. In most of our lives, there is no shortage of things to process. We live in busy, noisy, stimulating environments.

If we get in a quieter, more isolated environment where there are few external stimuli, the brain, always trying to process something, will turn inward. It will process thoughts. It seems that it will even create thoughts simply to be able to process them.

If we stay in a quiet place for an extended period, it is almost as if the mind realizes its work load has been lightened and it begins to have fun, as if it is at recess or on vacation. It presents things to us that it normally doesn't have time for. We can think the most amazing things if we give ourselves a chance.

We also come to feel peaceful, rested, and recharged. If we make a habit of this and do it regularly, we come to feel great calm that pervades our lives beyond the exercise of sitting alone with ourselves. We become almost unflappable and imperturbable in the rest of our lives.

Some of the greatest people who have ever lived have made it a point to sit alone for an hour, or even a half-hour, each day or each week in a room by themselves. No music, no television, no food, no drink, no telephone, no one else. They don't try to think up solutions to problems. They just let go. They let their brain go where it wants and do what it wants. They don't write down ideas. They don't try to follow lines of thought.

Napoleon Hill told of going to visit a Dr. Elmer R. Gates, a man who was a scientist and inventor. His secretary said that Dr. Gates was "sitting for ideas" and was not available. Dr. Gates would sit alone in a room and let his brain work on problems. As the owner of the company, he might have thought that he couldn't take the time to sit and do nothing, but because he was intelligent, he knew he could not afford not to sit and do nothing. Great ideas come when the brain is not overtaxed. Solutions to problems present themselves. I have heard great symphonic music inside my head as I sat alone. I am sure it was not something I had heard before; my brain was making it up. As I have sat alone, looking at the wall opposite me, but not paying attention to it, ideas of things to write about have come to me. Stories have come to me. Inventions have come to me. The brain's ability is infinite.

Blaise Pascal wrote, "All the problems in the world originate because of man's inability to be alone in a room with himself."

Some people are so used to noise and busy-ness that they freak out when it gets quiet and they're not doing anything. They are the people who need this the most. And they are the people who will benefit from it the most.

Slow down. Don't be so busy. Be busy when you're busy, but don't be busy all the time. The hardest way to have a great life is to try very hard to have a great life. We get in our own way. Don't just stand there. Do nothing.

Psalm 46:10 says Be still, and know that I am God.... To me, that is saying that to get a sense of whom we are, to get a sense of our greatness and our potential, to get an idea of the our relationship with God who is greater than anything else in the universe-that of child, each and every one of whom he loves very much and cares about very much, to come to know the most important things that can be known, we have to be still. We are amazing, but we get loaded down with the day and the circumstances of life, and we squelch our greatness. We have to stop being so busy. We have to stop trying so hard to be better than everyone else. We have to stop worrying so much about the way we look and who might be looking at us. We have to stop being so trivial. We just have to sit by ourselves and not worry about anything. We have to look inside. We have to let the greatness inside come out.

Weldon Smith is the author of the book True Leadership and False Counterfeits, which explains what True Leadership is, and why any other idea of what Leadership is does not work. Furthermore, Leaders are not only those who have followers. Every success in every aspect of life is the result of practicing true Leadership.

Please visit my website at to subscribe to my free newsletter or to read my book.

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