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How to Get Unstuck With One Really Good Question

April 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 155

Our Inner Board of Directors is simply a combination of three things: different aspects of our personality, our knowledge, and our experience that we can (and should) consult before making major decisions. Some of us do this naturally - when we weigh the pros and cons of a situation, we're actually asking different "members" of our inner board of directors to give their take on it.

We can actually consult the aspects of our own personality as a really effective tool for looking at different perspectives differently. Then we can break a situation down into manageable pieces instead of leaving it all jumbled up in one big knot.

It helps eliminate confusion, which in turn helps us take steps toward a positive outcome.

How do we do this? Each of us has these different "parts" of us. I have an inner rebel, a strategist, an optimist, an inner genius, and even a part of me that's in charge of my life purpose. If we can identity these different parts of us, and then give each part a voice (either through journaling or perhaps on a giant spreadsheet on a wall), it becomes easy to listen to different perspectives that already exist within us.

By listening to different perspectives one-at-a-time, we often uncover the very question we should be asking... the one question that will ultimately un-stick the situation. Sometimes it's a matter of finding your passion (or re-kindling your purpose in life).

For instance... maybe you're thinking of leaving a job or an organization. The confusion you've been agonizing over might be "Should I leave this group?" and suddenly your thoughts are swimming around... creating uncertainty, discord, and maybe even panic. Have you ever reached a point where you scream out, "I'm so tired of thinking about this!!!!"

But if you put this confusion before your inner board of directors, and give each board member a voice, what if one of the board members asks the perfect question that you hadn't even considered? What if your inner genius asks something like, "Who do you want to BE in this situation?" Ahhhh... now an entirely different perspective may illuminate the way toward the perfect resolution!

Your inner board of directors can not only help you get unstuck, but they may also help you with a really good decision, ask a really good question, or maybe even put you on a better track when you're asking "why am I going through this" or even looking for something deeper... like the purpose of life.

Rémy Chaussé is the bestselling author of "Living Life As An Exclamation Point!" She's one of the leading experts in optimism, and believes, "We all have at least one true passion in life... but more than that, we have a legacy. We weren't put on this earth to struggle or just survive. We were put here to express our one unique strength, and that uniqueness IS our legacy."

Rémy helps you unleash the vision within, and bring your legacy to life through workshops, custom designed challenges, and free seminars such as Find Your Passionate Life in 5 Easy Steps.

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