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From Shame to Shaman

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 139

There's something shifting, can you tell? There's a new you that wants to be born. There's an expression of a Higher, Intelligent Being that is leading humanity into a new phase. That energy is the evolutionary impulse; it's the creative energy that drives this entire existence, and the sexual energy of the universe. It's your sexual energy.

The problem is so many of us have been shamed by sexuality. We don't want others to see our shame, our badness, our wounds. If this is true for you, then likely it's challenging and even painful to be fully yourself, to let the fullness of you out, to rely and trust on the wisdom you inherently posses, to stand firm in the path of your life, to know what you know.

Yet, the universe needs your wisdom. The unfolding of humanity's transformation hinges upon the full expression of you. The shift into a new species, a new planet, a new way of life hangs upon the full expression of your authenticity, your passion, your genius. The world needs your truest, most genuine self.

The truth is inside your deepest expression, within your most authentic self is the "one who knows" - the shaman, the master, the sage. At the core of your being is the medicine man or woman to guide you, heal you, and point you towards your purpose. This shaman is ready to emerge. Can you feel it?

In fact, the root of the word shaman means "one who knows", and the root of the word shame means "to cover". When you're in shame, you're hiding your wisdom. When you're in small, you are repressing the big Intelligence that emerges from within you day after day and reveals moment by moment the way to a new humanity. You are preventing the great birth of the universal human and the emergence of a collective shift.

So, how do you move from shame to shaman? How do you access that great Intelligence and then fully and freely allow it to emerge from within you?

First, point attention inward. When you do that day after day with consistency, focus, and intent to find the shaman in you, you will. Besides, everything, no matter what it is, lies within. All life begins within the dark dome of the inner world. When your attention points inward, you will finally face the Source of Life, the creation of this existence, and it is there you will find the shaman, the sage, the master. This High Being knows that the Dream of life starts here and every expression of the Creator, every iota of Creation is sacred and filled with the purpose of Service to all.

Second, no matter what appears, write out whatever is moving through you. The glory and Intelligence of that High Being moves through you. (You, the flute and Wisdom, the breath of God.) Higher Intelligence moves upward through mind into your consciousness. You'll need to empty your mind first, then become receptive, and then allow anything to arise. Most importantly, bring those subtle, soft images forward from the dark cave of the unknown and come to know the visions of the future, not just yours but the future of humanity. Finally, make it a regular practice to write and discover how the deepest part of your being is and wants to express itself.

Meanwhile, as you are cultivating a state of mind that is open, receptive, and accepting, allow the Master in you to speak, liberate the Sage in you, and form an ongoing relationship with the Shaman who knows that shame is a mere disguise for Divinity.

© Copyright 2010 Adriana Attento. All Rights Reserved.

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