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5 R's That Transform Your Day From Crazy-Busy Into Centered and Productive

January 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 164

Most of us self-confessed "workaholics" are easily thrown into the arena of "work, work and work more" as dictated by our fully booked "Calendars"! It takes only one glance at a jam-packed weekly schedule for us to lose focus, freeze or go frenzy until we burn-out. Are you in that "crazy-busy" state of overwhelm?

Reflect:Go back to yourself and see if these reasons ring true in the face of "I am overwhelmed because..":

I feel like I need to please somebody -- a client, team, family, your bossI need to do everything for everybody and forget myself along the wayI have not prioritized the tasks in my endless "to do" list - all look similarly "urgent"I have not scheduled a downtime in my day to regroup, re-center and rethink.

Sounds familiar?

Re-organize:Review the schedule you have created for yourself or your team. Prioritize to get organized and be able to get into the rhythm of your day, guided by your inner wisdom into doing things one at a time, with ease. Regain focus and composure by defining tasks. Label them as follows:

[Urgent] - a task that needs immediate attention and has a "promise date"[Task]- a task that needs to be done when time allows, NO "promise date"[Fun] - a task that we'd love to find time for and do in our own way NO "promise date"

Remember to keep and commit to the [Fun] task as you do with the other tasks.

Reach out: Now that there's order in your calendar, redirect your mind to the possibility of getting help (could be from a team member, friend, family). To linger in the illusion that "I could do this all on my own" or "I should be able to do this by myself" will result to burn-out, even total "system failure". Delegate! Keep communication lines open, listen with your heart and trust that once a pace or process that works is set, creative flow in collaborative undertakings will go with lightness of being.

Remember: As you move along in your business or daily life, make time for "recess". Take a day off from your work week to recharge and relieve yourself of exhaustion. Empty your mind and relax, try out new fun activities. Remember that your foremost responsibility is to yourself. It's the only self you've got. Love it, take care of it and radiate that love and care to the environment around you - be it your business, family, or relationship.

Re-center: Quiet down in meditation or prayer and reconnect with your Source; the center of your being where divine wisdom rests. Surrender to that Spirit within you and open your heart to receive the power that will energize you to flourish in your endeavors through the sweet spot of Sacred Productivity.

Overwhelmed? Find help and more tips on slowing down and getting more than through your inner wisdom at You can also become one of 10 monthly winners of our flagship Tele Seminar course: "Sacred Rhythm - thriving at the speed of love".

From Christiane Holbrook, the Sacred Productivity Founder

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