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Five Ways to Avoid Plastic Surgery Disappointmen

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 116

The first step to successful plastic surgery is to educate yourself. You can use the internet, medical peer advice exchange sites, several cosmetic surgery websites, or doctor websites for information. From there you can learn about the procedure(s) that you are looking for, but reach recovery stories with caution because someone else's health, lifestyle and body types has little to nothing to do with the set of circumstances that will lead to your individual surgical outcome.

Second, the websites for the surgeons, cosmetic surgery industry information and cosmetic surgery organizations offer information on the surgeon's education, their commitment to continuous research and up to date knowledge of the latest tools and techniques are critical. What is his or her patient after care practices, are they prepared for emergencies (the facility and him/her). Have there been any disciplinary actions taken (how long ago, what was the outcome), their before and after pictures for the specialty that you seek. The more specialized they are the better your chances of a great outcome because of their experience and familiarity with various skin types and body types for that procedure. With all of this information, you can have a pretty good idea of which doctors have developed their craft to the point of performing art with a scalpel or laser.

Third, once you select a doctor, are you comfortable during consultation? It may seem like such a small thing and you may assume that all doctors are cold and short with answers or patronizing, but that is so not true. In the cosmetic field, especially, a doctor's reputation with patient interaction says something about how they approach re-shaping the patient's body; there has to be a certain level of finesse to establishment of the relationship. You definitely don't want someone talking over you, trying to sell you additional surgeries you did not intend on having, or someone ignoring your questions. Any surgery is serious for your body and your health, which can be nerve racking so why would you go into it even more nervous about how your surgeon will treat you.

The good news is number four: a board certified specialist in plastic surgery is such a great determinant in selecting a doctor because of the pre-established guidelines in order to become board certified. Their school was accredited; they are licensed to practice in their state, at least three years of residency and at least two years of plastic surgery training. There is an expected standard of their works performance.

Last but not least is to follow your instincts. If you have to wait, save a little bit more money, or alter your planned surgery because of what is determined during consultation, always do your own thinking. It's your body after all, so don't feel rushed into anything.

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