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Information To Give Your New Website Content Writer

February 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 110

After you've done your homework and decided who your website content writer will be, it's a great idea to establish a good working relationship with him or her. Using this article as a guide, I hopefully will get you on the right track to doing that, which will ultimately reward you with the website content you are wanting.

Now, when I said working relationship, it's just that. No need to give your website content writer your life's story. Let him know who you are by telling him about your business and the message you want convey on your website or blog.

You will want the content on your site to tell your visitors who you are and encourage them to look further into the site. The web content writer wants to make your information reflect that you are an expert in your field.

Tell your writer just how much content you think you will need and what it will be used for. A good copywriter can counsel you better with the quality of the information you provide. Tell him who your target audience is and how much research will be involved in creating this content.

What do you want to accomplish with this content you have in mind? Will it be basic informative content about you or your business? Perhaps you are selling some products or services.

Let's say you want a good information page for your website. Your website content writer can make it better than good if you give him or her proper research material and keywords the content should be based on. If you don't have research to provide, just tell him.

Want a great homepage for your website? Along with researched information you provide, also tell your website content writer if you want your website visitor to take action. A "call to action" would be enticing your visitor to "buy," "sign-up" or "subscribe." Maybe you'll want your future customer to visit another page by telling him to "click here."

You may want a separate sales page if you're selling product. A superbly written sales page will require all the information you can get about your product or service and conveying it to your website content writer. Don't forget to let your copywriter know your product's benefits and features.

In conclusion, you'll discover that a working relationship with your website content writer won't be all one-sided. A great copywriter will help counsel you in your decisions, write the best copy he or she is able to, correspond with you if more information is needed and follow-up to see how the copy you purchased is performing.

You may find that your new working relationship won't be just a one time affair. From time to time you may need more effective writing done. Wouldn't it be nice to know who to contact?

Thomas Watson is a freelance copywriter. His unique talent is creating SEO content for websites and blogs for individuals and businesses. His services include writing press releases to help his clients get great results quickly. Tom is ambitious, competitive and asks plenty of questions making sure he'll deliver the copy you need. Says Tom, "A website with clean, well-written strategic content does not have to be complicated to be successful. The key is to provide relevant information that people search for." You can get more information about Tom's services at Check out his blog at

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