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Sesame Tuna

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 119

Sesame tuna is a perfect dish that can be thoroughly enjoyed any time of the year. It goes great with many different sides, both hot and cold. And it can be presented in a variety of ways, ranging from simple, to rustic, to very fancy. The flavors of the tuna and the sesame seeds go very well together, both complicating each other and offering a delicious mix of delight. Sesame tuna is and has been one of the hottest selling plates I have done.

While it may seem overly fancy, and complicated to prepare, sesame tuna is actually quite a simple dish. Requiring only a small amount of ingredients, a saute pan and some heat, you can make this dish in your own kitchen, and be cooking fish just like a chef.

So to get started making your own sesame tuna, there are a few ingredients you will need. To begin, and the obvious one, you need the tuna. There are a few types I would recommend you to use. Bluefin is readily available, and has a higher fat count thus providing a richer flavor. Yellowfin is also another good tuna, with medium fat and good flavor; sometimes yellowfin tuna is called Ahi. Bigeye, or Ahi, would be my last choice for this, as I would rather serve this fish as sushi.

So now that you have picked out the fish for your sesame tuna, the next step is to get some sesame seeds. You do not need a lot, in fact just a couple of tablespoons will do. You can use black or white sesame seeds, or even both. The flavor is the same, it is just the color that changes. Next you need either olive oil or sesame oil. Either will be fine, but are healthy to cook with, but sesame oil will provide a more nutty flavor, and also has a lower smoking temperature.

The final ingredients needed for sesame tuna are salt and pepper. Yes, that is it. Of course, you can always add stuff, such as butter, and other seasonings. But you don't want to add too much, if anything at all, so as to not overpower the tuna itself.

Now it is time to prepare and cook your sesame tuna. Preheat a medium to large saute pan on 3/4 heat. Place a piece of tuna, about an inch to an inch and a quarter on a cutting board or on a plate. You want a little bit of moisture on the fish; pat it down with a paper towel if needed. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on each side, then sprinkle on the sesame seeds. You want a good layer of seeds, covering the entire piece. Remember, though I am only talking about making one piece of sesame tuna, the preparation is the same for more; the only thing that changes is the size of the pan, as you may need a bigger one or even two pans if you intend to cook for several people.

Now that you have the tuna prepared, you want to add about a tablespoon of olive or sesame oil to the pan. You do not want the pan too hot, as to make the oil smoke; a good temperature range would be around 350 - 375 degrees Fahrenheit, or around 175 - 190 degrees Celsius. You can tell when it is ready when you see small ripples in the oil.

As soon as pan is hot, carefully place the fish in the oil; carefully as sometimes you will get splattering. Now the cooking time varies, depending on how much you want the sesame tuna cooked. Here's a little example of cooking times:

  • Rare (Recommended) - One minute per side. Will be a cold, raw interior, with only a small amount of white, cooked tuna on the edges. Will still be very moist. You may even want to turn the heat up a little, to ensure the sear on the edges happens quick enough to not overcook.
  • Medium-Rare - Two to two and a half minutes per side, this will give you a cool and raw center, but with more cooked fish around the edges. A little less moist than Rare.
  • Medium - Four minutes per side. The tuna will be noticeably pink throughout, and will begin to dry out.
  • Medium-Well - Five to six minutes per side, on a slightly lower heat.The fish will be gray to white throughout, with a sliver of pink in the center, and starting to get very dry.
  • Well-Done - Seven minutes per side, on a slightly lower heat. Fish will be gray to white throughout, and be very dry.

These cooking times are used considering the piece if fish is around an inch in thickness. Add just a little more time for each half-inch of thickness, say about 30 seconds each side. For thinner fish, take off 30 seconds. Now for the serving part.

Now it is time to serve your sesame tuna. There are many ways to do this, so I will just give you a few methods. You can serve the fish on a plate by itself, off-centered a little with a piece of parsley and maybe lemon wedge for garnish. Another method would be to slice into thin strips, and fan those out on a plate, perhaps around a vegetable or starch. Or how about even cutting it in half, at a minor angle, and laying one piece on top of the other. As you can see, the possibilities here are endless, but with your imagination, you can create a presentation that rivals any super-fancy restaurant.

Of course, you will probably want to have your sesame tuna with either a potato, vegetable, or both. You can use whatever you like here, as it really does not matter, the fish will go good with just about anything. Perhaps a baked potato, or potato puree for a simple starch. And how about some asparagus and cherry tomatoes for a veg, that you can cook right in the same pan as the tuna?

Well, now that you have your tuna cooked, and have decided on a side dish, it is time to go enjoy your sesame tuna.

Sesame Tuna is just one of many amazing restaurant-quality meals that you can make in your own home. Cooking fish like a chef is a lot easier than you think. With just a little bit of knowledge, and some insider secrets, you be making you own amazing dishes in your own home.

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