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Baking Tins - Your Basic Questions Answered!

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 150

What Type of Tin Do I Need?

Firstly you need to decide on the type of tins you will require - this will depend on whether you are a general baker or if you specialise, say, in wedding and celebration cakes. If you are setting up a business then you will require a consistent range of long lasting tins. Do you have a strict budget? What size and shape? If you bake regularly each week, then you will need to think about the best quality tins.

Tins come in many different shapes and sizes, and, if carefully looked after, will last a lifetime. At the top end of the range, and budget, are thick gauge tin plated steel tins which have rolled edges, and good quality aluminium tins, amongst others. These are suitable for baking wedding and celebration cakes.

What Should I Consider when Choosing Tins?

If baking more than one tier for a cake, make sure you use the same range of tins for all tiers as this will guarantee consistency in size and shape.

Look for tins with straight sides which are deep enough (a minimum of 3", some are 4").

With square tins look at the corners - are they at right angles and not too rounded?

Do choose the best you can afford - it is false economy to buy cheap tins as they are usually made of a thinner gauge and will quickly warp when exposed to a hot oven, rendering them useless!

Check the actual size of the tin. Quite often they will measure ½" more, or less, than the given size.

Most tins manufactured and sold in the UK have imperial measurements, but others will be metric, so be aware of this! There is no such thing as a standard size!

If buying large tins, check the width and depth of your oven first. Most domestic ovens will not accommodate anything larger than 13", possibly 14" maximum and remember that a space is required around the tin to allow the air to circulate.

What Shape Tins Should I Use?

Obviously this depends on personal choice and the occasion - round and square tins are the most popular shapes. Specialist shapes are available such as oval, oblong, hexagonal, heart and petal, as well as numerous novelty shapes.

If you have a specialist cake decorating shop locally, they usually have a good selection of shaped and novelty tins for hire at competitive rates. This will save you the expense of buying a tin just for the odd occasion.

How Do I Make Sure the Tins Stay in Good Condition?

Obviously looking after your tins once you have used them is important in order to make them last. In most cases a dishwasher is not recommended as some tins have a tendency to rust. Hand wash using warm soapy water, ensuring you get all mixture residues out of the corners of the tins, and then dry thoroughly in a warm oven. This should ensure longevity of your tins. If you have purchased better quality, these should last a long time.

The secret of buying tins is to not sacrifice quality for cost. If you are going to bake frequently then invest in good tins. If you are baking only occasionally then it may well suit you better to hire tins as and when you need them.

Whatever you do good luck with your baking!

For a comprehensive range of bakeware visit: and accessories:

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