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With Business Continuity and Knowledge Management: Mission Is Accomplished!

March 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 233

Never lose what is needed to accomplish the goals of your organization or keep it in business. It is time to stop paying employees and consultants to reinvent the wheel. Today we have the tools and technology to do more with fewer resources. Knowledge (Content, Intellectual Capital, and Experience) is the key to seamless operations and the means to doing more with less.

What priority do you put on people?

Disruptions (e.g. high staff turnover) and disasters (e.g. terrorist attack) are expected and so is the need to stay focused on the mission. Organizations tend to focus on supplies and facilities when planning to deal with disruptions and disasters. The people and knowledge piece of the mission is often overlooked and should be the focus.

No technology or process can recover from a disruption or disaster without a knowledgeable person present to accomplish the mission. This is especially true if your organization is operating on the cutting edge of your industry. Knowledge should be built upon other knowledge to create solutions and enhance mission success.

People with the right technology maximizes future value

Maximizing the future value of an organization is achieved by strengthening people and developing knowledge strengths. I recommend the following to achieve mission assurance for your organization.

1) Put people first - Help your people build relationships to inspire innovation that protects the organization and promotes growth. Focus on Mission Essential Functions and Critical Processes - Set the right priorities and leverage technology.

2) Provide technology to your people - Be a record keeping organization with innovative ways to share information and do so with a purpose - Mission! The right balance of technology and tools promotes the power of the team.

3) Keep knowledge stored - Knowledge must be there for future use and recovery priorities must be set. It cost money to store knowledge so it takes leadership from people to make mission focused decisions.

4) Recover and reuse knowledge previously gained - Knowledge accelerates mission accomplishment! Leverage knowledge that is maintained and stored by previous experiences and engagements. Past experience and knowledge improves decision-making and accelerates innovation with a greater sense of confidence.

It is clear that knowledge management and minimizing disruptions to any organization leaves more time to achieve goals and accomplish the mission. Focusing on people and mission accomplishment will ensure knowledge is delivered at the right time, available at the right place, and present in the right shape, exceeding quality requirements, and obtained at the lowest possible costs.

Accomplishing the mission and maximizing the future value is achieved if organizations avoid being in reactive mode. Responding to future demands and disruptions must be done with purpose, technology, and leadership from people throughout the organization.

Matt Burgess is a security integration expert that is best known for bringing his government and corporate Security Integrator experience to businesses and home owners while maintaining affordability.

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