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The Prisons Inside The Self And The Challenging Path To Enlightenment

February 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 78

The world today as it has come to be known consists of people in the whole motivated by aspirations of a good life, good family, good job and something to show after it's all said and done. Largely this construction of a life is presented as being attainable if the choices, which are uniquely ours as humans, are made within the confines of the regulatory apparatuses of control. However the reality of the world we live today consists of a paradoxical affair that consists of a divide and schism between the illusion presented and the lived reality.

Via the operations of these apparatuses of control, those who dare to be different or are simply different by way of appearance or gender etc - immediately begin to feel the stigma associated with the label of 'the other'. Consequently this 'otherness' is taken up by the mind and is reproduced within the self - to eventually evolve into low self-esteem, low self-expectations and self-fulfilling prophecies which become so intertwined within the self that the divide between you and it are now blurred. The prison of such for most is a life sentence behind walls of doubt, isolation and hurt, from which most never escape.

This however is not the only prison from which we as a species are faced - notwithstanding the social-cultural stigma of the other - inside most family dynamics (for those who still have one left) most would be well aware of the angst of coming to terms with deep-seated family tradition. In all honesty if lessons given are based in truth then those coming behind need only to follow the well-worn path of those ahead. However if your guidance has been based upon emotion and illusion then you yourself are faced with another prison of doubt, isolation and hurt to reconcile with.

An added obstacle follows in the form of our own true nature, in that we like many other animals are creatures of habit. If our habits of life equate to that of our intended nature of humanity and truth, then our nature of habit only works to give measures of fulfilment and contentment - essentially it is working for you. However like the masses most are in delusion regarding themselves while simultaneously they indulge the senses in all of the lavishness the illusion will allow for. Consequently, this habitual human nature allows the self to remain idle, transfixed inside whatever state of normal they have allowed for themselves. Again the human is faced with another prison of doubt, isolation and hurt to come to terms with.

Now add in the world with all of its talk, advertising, education, entertainment, technology, identity and relationship issues, political sophistry and the corporatisation of everything upon the planet - including me and you - and now you can begin to see how it's all going wrong for us. We, within ourselves are in too many minds, like the prey caught in the hunter's torchlight - do we run, stay perfectly still or duck? The same rings true within each of us, to varying degrees of complexity - all that which runs unkept inside ourselves rules us, underpinned by the machinations of today's age and our habitual natures that allow us to endure the most senseless of depravity's and via a fear of the unknown - we remain idle. At the direct cost to ourselves, what we could become and how we could help the world in which we all share.

To add further complexity to this crisis are own egos - the hidden enemy, the silent voice inside the head. As term by psychiatrists and religions as the lower self - however what is not explained in great detail in the west or what is not commonly known is that this part of our psyche holds little real sway over the course of a life if it is not fed. However the confines of the struggle are glaring absent from most parts of our everyday existence - not taught in the home or in the institutions of education, to which the individual is sent out like prey into the age of the self. An entire eco-system constructed, moulded and re-proportioned to swoon the senses and feed the ego, we are told life's short play hard - just do it - life's a sport so drink it up. An entire megalith purposely designed to catch you, trap you, occupy you, use you and then dispense with you once you can no longer work. To which becomes the most dangerous of entrapments as it is seemingly tangible and can be reconciled with by the senses - therefore we essentially believe what we see.

Even more dangerous is this eco-system to those born inside its web - which today accounts for the great majority of us.... By this I mean that there once was a time when the world as we now know it was only an embryo. If one is to go back to the literature from around the period of the Industrial revolution one will find much of the same arguments presented by those feeling the angst of their world changing for the worst. Though for those born after this great upheaval, all of these crises are lost and consequently we are now held at the mercy of all that abounds and is peddled for reality by those in the positions of control.

Next comes the complication of the nature of education as it has come to be known these days. One half of the problem is that we have an entire staffing roster of teachers that in their personal lives are debt slaves themselves - well and truly entrenched within the web of illusion. Therefore their pedagogy comes from within this discourse of entrenched thinking - the hidden philosophy of this methodology reads as 'follow me, can't you see the benefits I have gleaned from peddling this agenda to you' and for those outside of the range of the teachers experiential capacities and likes, falls away to become the child the teacher always complains about in their lunchtime and in their conversations around the dinner table at night. Again this reads like 'can't you just fit in and make my job easy'. My curriculum supervisor called these guys 9-3 teachers - the ones whose dust trails can be seen in the teachers car park 10 minutes before and after school - its unfortunate but these guys are a big part of the problem - again motivated by the self only working to line their own forms of Camelot.

So much for the passion and drive to better humanity, what happen to bettering their best, I mean why teach in the first place? The father of western thought the Greek Philosopher, Socrates - a teacher himself - was put to death by the state for inspiring rebellion in the youth (give or take). He was a teacher with unorthodox methods but inspired the minds of those who heard and argued with him. He was the teacher of Plato, who then taught Aristotle and all luminaries in the way we see, think and act today. So far have we fallen that we now are content with the slops of education. Now we teach only to prepare workers to find and fit their niche - no more inspiration or education, instead now only indoctrination

I mean why don't teachers teach the real truth to the world in which we live - again the former crises come to bear inside the teacher - perhaps they are unaware caught in the lights of the illusion or simply they are ensnared inside a prison of fear and a lethargic approach to change, or perhaps maybe they suspect something but in fear of shaming the ego and calling their own intelligence into question they endure passively and silently. Silently and passively aiding in one of the greatest genocides inside the pages of history considering the scale- that is the wholesale destruction of the mind and thus snuffing out all potential of a life other than what is normal and accepted.

Notwithstanding the teachers' culpability in all this, the final humiliation presents itself in the constructed curriculum that is delivered to your children for nearly 14 years prior to their university education. Inside this process the magic happens - selectively presenting or misrepresenting true accounts of historical facts and processes, elevation of one knowledge set at the expense of others and the favouring and suppression of all that contradicts the apparatuses of control. The result is a head that is disillusioned with what it sees; however due to the mass participation in the lie - the lie starts to gain credibility and thus your ultimate compliance. Now this gnosis abounds and without a questioning mind - the illusion gains full momentum and now your life enslavement.

The final challenge lands in the form of your dreams and aspirations as without a true concept of the reality of the affair - this only further fuels the self and the indulgence of the ego. The conflict arises when a disparity begins to appear in the nature of your supposed ideal and the true reality of the course of the world around you. Further distracted by all of the former machinations of the self, the illusion and the ego, the individual again gives up upon the truth in search of that warm fuzzy feeling associated with their supposed dreams and ideals - whether it be the house with all the trimmings, or simply the freedom to be able to do what you want to do - conveniently placing aside of all the heartache and suffering we see foremost on the TV every night. This hidden philosophy actually reads as 'so long as that hell ain't coming my way - I'm ok Jack'.

The end result of all of these crises sees a person imprisoned by insecurity, fear and doubt within themselves, cut off from their own minds and life long learning from the fall out of education system. Which in effect essentially suspends reality and what follows is a slow and progressive uptake of the illusion into the self. This person now is blinded to the reality of the world in which they live and are therefore now prey to whatever they experience in their own realities as their lives unfold. This all plays out in everyday scenarios where inadequacies associated with societal stigma or internal angst associated with the expectations of unrealistic family pressure or whatever. All work in the same manner to perfectly prep the soil for the lackadaisical nature of our habitual self to keep us transfixed inside whatever hole we found convenient to not infringe too heavily upon the boundaries of our perceived comfort. What you have now is human being who now no longer challenges the nature of his control, he is happy to be in chains and will defend his imprisonment with all the resources the ego can provide. The TV, mass entertainment and social networking now becomes the teacher and guides via the senses along a path that in reality is not your own, however the brutality of the illusion has persuaded you to believe that you in fact made this and the earth and its rotation now waits for you and all of yours.

Perhaps I only care because I experienced little of the bright lights and the luxuries experienced by those enjoying that surplus feeling you get when the world is your oyster. Now this dialogue won't resonate with you if you - if in fact the world is your oyster. These words will only further enslave you down the path you are already walking. For the most part it will probably conflict with your own sensibilities and thus the mind will close off and the voice in your head will begin to provide very good arguments about how full of it I am and how I'm only an Aboriginal and what do they really know anyway. Or now in this new age of terror - that I am a Muslim, and aren't they all terrorists- in fact any argument to divert the attention away from their own comfort zones.

No this is written instead for the 99ers, the 99% of people who have felt the heavy hand from those in power - regardless of gender, race, age, socio-economic standing, political persuasion or creed. The days that have passed us now have clearly indicated that physical hostility and discriminatory violence is something that tries to be hidden, no more public hangings, lynchings or burning at the stake - no instead humanity now is brutalised with debt, reality TV, Facebook, professional lying and no tools for critical thinking, no stirrings in the heart no more. The hearts have rusted - corroded now, with an over indulgence in the annihilation of the self, again will we survive?

This message here is another call for an awakening of the human species, time to look around because the world that fills those lovely fluffy dreams of yours is slowly winding away - if it ever existed. The key to these prisons resound in the innate ability of the human being to rise above. The horrors and darkness that fill the lonely empty spaces is far less an ogre than those ogres pulling the strings. Knowledge is power, therefore fortify yourself with the tools necessary for deciphering for yourselves just what exactly is going on. Use the TV as an ally, which means you control what is shown at what time in your house. Opt for educational materials, documentaries that inform and build capacity, instead of limiting. Home school your children - after all they are your children. Work in with others to form your own networks. Go back to self-sustainability - grow your own veggies, chickens and alternative sustainable energy sources. Re-visit our partnership with the Earth and all of its species, we need to honour our place in the partnership - not wholesale exploitation and domination. We need to start living for tomorrow today, the time is always now. Again, all it takes is courage to see, courage to act and most of all the courage to help your fellow man. Remember we are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution - the choice is yours and the time is now...

Feb 2012

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