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The Many Uses of Wire Sawing

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 204

Wire sawing was first used by hunters and those living in the outskirts of the city as a survivalist gear to cut off branches in order to clear pathways. In the past, wire sawing is done by just a simple wire that is rotated manually by the person to cut wood or branches. Today, it has been developed as an indispensable method to cut and shape a number of things from crystals to steel; it is used by all industries. Through years of research and development, the wire saw has also been developed from just a wire into an intricate power machine that is composed of hydraulic motors and wires beaded with diamonds to cut through steel and other sturdy construction materials.

Through the years, wire sawing has been used by all industries as an established method of cutting various materials. It is heavily used in the construction industry, walls, dams, bridges, road and highway construction, docks and marine construction rely heavily on the use of wire saws to be successful. This type requires a diamond beaded wire that is powered by hydraulic motors. Using advanced tools such as the diamond beaded wire saw can help speed the process of cutting down steel or heavy stone block during construction or demolition. Construction industry has even developed the use of this type underwater during construction of bridges, retrofitting of pipes and wharf and pier revision.

Although it is commonly used for heavy civil construction, it is also used by other industries for precision and speed cutting. It is used in the semiconductor industry to cut silicon wafers for semiconductors. Gem makers and miners also rely on wire saws to cut and shape gems, minerals and other precious stone with precision. This type of wire saw that built solely for the purpose of cutting and shaping gems are also used in the glass industry to shape and cut stained glass to various shapes and sizes.

The use of wire saw or wire sawing is more preferable to the use of blades in several occasions. The above mentioned industries for example prefer using wire saws to blades for various reasons. It produce less dust or other reputed companies have the technology to use them without producing dust during the cutting compared to the use of blade which produce a lot of dust when used. In the cutting of gems, they are more preferable because they produce less wasted materials compared to blades that have a lot of wasted materials.

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