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Do You Fight With the RIGHT Brain?

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 202

Were you mindful during your last "dumb" fight?

Were you aware of the trigger that got you or your partner fired up and ready to "rumble?" What was happening inside your body? Did your breathing become shallow? Was your heart beating faster? Were you telling yourself that your partner was "too much something" or "not enough something?" Were these thoughts only accelerating your upset? How did you behave? Did your actions move you towards or away from your partner?

My guess is that during the conflict, you had no idea what was going on because your right brain, your emotional brain, was in control.

Let me give you a mini-lesson in neurobiology. Your brain has two hemispheres, a right and a left. The left brain, is the seat of your cognition and reason. The right brain is your emotional brain and it operates unconsciously. Your emotional mind will react 10 times more quickly than your logical mind. This makes recognizing and regulating conflict very tricky.

Our brains have been hard wired to give emotion the upper hand. The emotional mind is the seat of our survival instinct. When it perceives a threat, it revs up and takes off as if it was being chased by a sabre-toothed tiger. Your first reaction to an event will always be an emotional one. You have no control over this part. You do have control over how you respond to the long as you are emotionally aware.

Love can turn to fury in half the time it takes to blink an eye. When we get out of sync with our partner, it will feel emotionally threatening if you cannot turn around and quickly reconnect. And, reconnection in the heat of emotion is difficult.

Research in the field of emotional intelligence estimates that two thirds of us are emotionally "unintelligent." We are not conscious enough to recognize what we are feeling. If we cannot recognize, regulate, and reveal our emotions to our partner, we are probably going to have emotionally unintelligent (dumb) fights.

  • Dumb fights occur when couples don't RECOGNIZE what they're really fighting about.
  • Dumb fights occur when couples have trouble REGULATING their emotions - instead they either avoid and stuff, or blow up like a hand grenade.
  • Dumb fights occur when couples have difficulty REVEALING their needs for closeness, understanding, soothing, validation, and support.
  • Dumb fights occur when we pay no attention to tone, facial expressions, and body language - the language of our emotional "minds".
  • Dumb fights occur when we react defensively rather than RESPOND consciously and compassionately.
  • Dumb fights occur when we get get disconnected with our partner and have difficulty with RE-SYNCING.

Recently, I had a client tell me the story of her latest dumb fight. She kept repeating, "I watched myself going crazy but I couldn't stop it!"

She was taken aback when I told her, "If you could watch yourself acting crazy, you have the power to calm yourself down." Learning to shift from the emotional mind to the observing mind is the essence of being mindful, the key to slowing down dumb fights.

Being mindful is paying attention "on purpose." Mindfulness is "noticing your mind's business (thought and feeling) and not getting all tangled up in them."

Close your eyes, and simply notice what your mind does. Stay on the lookout for any thoughts or images, as if you're a wildlife photographer, waiting for an exotic animal to appear from the undergrowth. If no thoughts or images appear, keep watching; sooner or later one will.

Notice where your thoughts seem to be located: out in front of you, above you, behind you, to one side of you, or within you.

Notice that one part of you is thinking while another part is observing that thinking.

There are your thoughts. And there's you observing them.

Practicing a formal mindfulness exercise (like watching your breath) 20 minutes a day can save you probably 20+ years of pain. When you practice mindfulness, you can more quickly shift to your "observing mind" when you find yourself in an agitated state. The observing can notice the upset but then decide to pause, breathe, take a break. The observing you can resist the urge to do things or say things that push your partner further away. more harm.

The observing you has the presence of mind to ask "What does the "we" need now?"

Rhonda Audia, MSW, has developed a unique approach to relationship enhancement. Her "Dumb Fight Prevention Training for Couples" combines elements of emotional intelligence theory, mindfulness training, and emotionally focused therapy to create a very practical, powerful process that will deepen your relationship and expand your skills and collaboration.

To learn more about Rhonda Audia and her "Dumb Fight Prevention for Couples"® at

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