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Did You Just Break Up? Here Are Some of the Major Errors You Do Not Want to Make at Any Cost

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 200

There aren't any straightforward rules when it comes to relationships and dating. In fact, many people make several mistakes throughout a relationship yet do you know about it. If you have recently had a breakup then there are certain things you absolutely need to avoid at every cost.

Here is a code of conduct you must follow right after you break up if you want to get back some of your emotional balance...

- You cannot control the other person the only thing you can control is yourself...

Things really turn nasty when you are on the receiving end of the breakup in other words when you are the one who has been dumped by your ex it is never a pretty situation. And this forces a lot of people to do the things they shouldn't do.

Right after a breakup, you might feel inclined to logically convince your ex not to break up with you and in the process you might end up trying too hard to get them back. But in a relationship the harder you try, the further away the other person will go.

It's really important to understand that no matter how desperate you are feeling right now, you must control yourself even if that means avoiding your ex altogether for a few weeks or even months.

No amount of pushing, convincing or pleading will help you get your ex back. Therefore it's important to understand that your ex is another person and you have no control over him or her.

- Remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible...

The longer you stick around your ex, the more compelled you will feel to do all the things which will only make you come across as desperate or needy in the eyes of your ex. Sticking around will not help you, neither will it help your ex.

The reason being is that in order to get your ex to miss you again you will have to provide them with enough space for the time being. And at the same time it will also help you detach yourself and the pain you feel right now will go down with time.

- Your relationship issues will not resolve overnight...

It is usually during a breakup that people look for easy solutions and feel that they can fix a relationship overnight. They do not understand that you can't fix something overnight which has taken years to form.

And if you think that if you try hard enough you might be able to fix the situation right away then you are strongly mistaken. Not only will you make it worse for both you and your ex, but you will face a lot more pain in the processes as well.

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