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Purchase Valuable Pattaya Property: Local Condo Directories

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 85

Purchasing valuable Pattaya property through Western estate agencies, who contact local marketers/ developers in your name to complete the contract, means buying trustworthy property that includes considerable commissions in its final price. This formula works best with busy clients who are well to do. The price they pay for secure purchases may seem worthwhile, because Western estates of similar quality cost in themselves amounts similar to their exotic estate deals. But this is an expensive purchase formula, when compared to real estate prices in Pattaya. So, many purchasers satisfy their need for trust other ways.

At the other end, valuable Pattaya property sells by word of mouth. Many Western owners of quality Pattaya estate have started out slowly, by spending vacations in Pattaya and getting included in the community, to understand the market and to see for themselves before buying. These are, probably, the luckiest purchasers. When you want to bypass estate agencies, you need to go there and spend some time. To shorten purchase time, start learning names, standards and prices at home, by accessing databases containing reliable information.

Online marketing for valuable Pattaya property is somewhat atypical. Generally, it is the developers who also undertake work in other areas than Pattaya or Thailand that care for their online presence as a brand. Some have top-notch sites. But top market developers who are exclusively Pattaya-focused don't need this publicity so much. Instead, quite some valuable developments have their own sites. Project-related sites also vary a lot. Some developments planned for foreign owners have a professional online presence; sometimes foreign marketing agencies handle the sites. Still, remember that word of mouth advertising and visiting development sites are performing very well in this busy touristic area. Luxury buildings aimed first at expats already living in Pattaya and looking to upgrade their living standards can go almost unnoticed online. provides sets of links on real estate and related information, like festivals, or expat clubs and forums; is a comprehensive Pattaya business directory that helps inserting estate-related data into the busy local touristic activity. But these more general Pattaya business and estate sites are to be taken with a grain of salt. The site areas focusing on announcements are regularly updated, but property descriptions can be inaccurate. If you compare data accompanying ads with data on the developer/ authorized marketer's site, they aren't always an exact match. Even so, browsing them will help you understand the local estate market.

Pattaya Condo Guide is a powerful search engine providing listings related to the Pattaya condo property market. It includes lists of major developers and major estate agents in the area, with links to their sites. It also provides some insight into the local jargon of estate transactions. Site areas advertising property for sale/ to rent are constantly updated, while others are not. Just like the general sites above, it is worth checking out.

Developer Direct Pattaya is, probably, the best answer of the local market to the inquiries of Westerner condo purchasers. This is a mix between an estate agency, acting as an intermediary for several well-selected estate developers, and an independent search engine. As a search engine, Developers Direct features only top reliable foreign and local condo developers with excellent past achievements and/ or funding, but their list of developers is not really comprehensive. As a Pattaya-focused purchase mediator, Developer Direct Pattaya is truly advantageous, as they charge no finder's fee or other commission. They are the only local agents running a cash back system, where you receive an extra 1% to 3% bonus from the developer, when signing the contract.

Ada Rosian likes to travel, to read, to write and to share.

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