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Real Time Monitor: Facts And Significance

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 83

Real time monitors are significant to any business for the simple reason that they provide information that is current. Under such monitoring, systems are reviewed on an ongoing basis, in the process, generating a minute-by-minute account of the performance of the application. As such, results provided by a real time monitor are more dependable and accurate.

Real time monitors help support IT and business services management by speedy performance reports that allow problem notification through active time alerts and responses. Such prompt monitoring systems are indispensable for even IT infrastructure monitoring.

In case a small-sized business is involved in offering services that need consistent and detailed monitoring, then real time monitoring systems are investments that are worth considering. A small business does not usually have large stores of time or manpower that can be expended on a regular basis. Because of this, in times of crisis, they are more likely to lose businesses and clients than a regular corporate. A small business therefore, needs to be very alert to situations that could spiral into problems so that these are nipped in the bud before they cause loss of money and precious business.

Real time monitoring reports are different from performance reports that are generated on a weekly or a fortnightly basis. While these periodic reports are equally useful, they cannot replicate the significance of a active monitor. A real time monitor is especially useful for businesses that depend upon a very high degree of accuracy for their operation. Thus, you will typically find them being used for IT set-ups and set-ups that deal with communication programs, including alerts. Real time monitors also play a significant role in service level agreements or SLAs. Functions that are customer-centric, or based upon business service management also depend heavily on active monitoring systems.

Another advantage provided by real time monitors is that they help you detect issues before they balloon into full-fledged problems. With moment by moment detection, early sensing of problems and malfunctions becomes a reality and corrective measures can be initiated immediately. Historic data mapping can be undertaken for systems where server uptimes are critical. Then, if they show a tendency towards malfunctioning, systems can be put into place to ensure backup of important data is automatic and some degree of corrective measures can also be put into place immediately.

For a small business that cannot afford to lose clients, an efficient real time monitoring system can prove to be a very smart decision. Problems can be resolved before the data suffers irreparable loss or, in case of client involvement, before the client suffers from downtime problems.

Tevron develops and delivers powerful and comprehensive application monitoring solutions, service level agreement, end to end performance, and real-time monitor solutions available globally. Tevron has also successfully delivered enterprise application monitoring solutions and testing solutions to support every IT enterprise application to hundreds of customers across the globe. Tevron's solutions are scalable, flexible, and easy to maintain; they are also designed to support diverse environments, business processes and applications with a service oriented management.

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