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A Basic Diablo 3 Scoundrel Leveling Guide

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 262

In this Scoundrel Leveling Guide overview, I am going to cover the defining attributes, history, and abilities of the scoundrel follower, affectionately known as Lyndon.

The scoundrel is an unabashedly shady character, making no apologies for his life of larceny, cons and sordid activities. Lyndon is one of many who have turned to lives of crime in order to make their way in the increasingly hostile world of Sanctuary. Curiously, in spite of his penchant for theft, drinking, and women, the scoundrel also seems to harbor a surprisingly hypocritical hatred of evil and takes every opportunity to slay demons and other malevolent beasts.

As one of the triad of followers you can choose from in Diablo 3, the scoundrel adds quite a bit of ranged damage and sly trickery to your questing arsenal. The scoundrel is highly proficient with the crossbow and is known for his ability to quickly and easily dispatch of enemies using explosive bolts and deadly poisons. In addition to his own substantial DPS abilities, the scoundrel provides a variety of buffs to your character as well. Abilities such as Anatomy and Hysteria will substantially increase both the scoundrel's damage and that of your main character. The scoundrel isn't an option at the very start of the game like the Templar follower, but will become available as you progress a bit further.

As mentioned earlier, the scoundrel is primarily a ranged fighter, opting to keep his distance from the enemy and fire deadly barrages of bolts and arrows, slowing and damaging his foes as you finish them off. While most of the scoundrel's armor will be automatically given to him as he levels up, you will have the ability to custom gear him with amulets, rings, tokens, bows and crossbows.

The scoundrel armor progression is similar to that of most classes and followers. He begins with modest cloth gear and gradually upgrades his equipment to include hidden pouches, thicker leather and ornamental, yet protective, shoulder armor. Additionally, you'll find that at his highest levels your follower will actually equip himself with dual quivers to support his increasing firepower.

Scoundrel Tokens are the follower special piece of equipment in Diablo 3. These include thematic items such as dice, various daggers, a brooch and a couple different pouches and satchels. These items become available as you and your scoundrel level up throughout the game and they provide him with an interesting array of skills and perks.

In the area of weapons, the scoundrel only uses bows and crossbows. What else do you really need when you can fire multiple bolts at one, tipped with poisons and explosives?

Unlike the Templar class who offers healing and tanking and the enchantress who offers numerous protective and crowd control abilities, the scoundrel is actually a bit more of a one-trick pony. While he does have skills such as Dirty Fighting to blind his enemies and Crippling Shot to slow them, most of his skills are fairly damage-oriented.

What the scoundrel may lack in utility, he more than makes up for in DPS and AOE attacks. Using his various abilities like Multishot, Powered Shot and Poison bolts, the scoundrel will be able to dish out a pretty health serving of pain. At level 25, the scoundrel gains access to Anatomy and Hysteria which increase not only his damage but yours as well.

Because the scoundrel will offer almost solely ranged DPS, it's important to consider where you'll be questing before deciding to choose him as your follower for that section. If you're looking to clear huge groups of enemies in a zone and lay waste to them as quickly as possible, he's probably a good choice. On the other hand, if you're about to enter a bit of content where you know you'll need a bit of help in the way of healing, tanking, crowd control, or protective shields...maybe you should look elsewhere!

Any time you're trying to decide which follower to use, you must consider the class of your main character. The follower's job is to be a supportive role. They should complement your strengths and make up for your weaknesses. Because the scoundrel is a ranged attacker with a focus on doing damage, combining him with your demon hunter may prove problematic. In that particular scenario, you would have two characters running around trying to maintain distance from the enemy. In the event your foes catch up with you, you may find yourself wishing you had a Templar instead! Of course, each player must decide for himself/herself which character best suits their own, personal play-style.

What fun is a game if you're always choosing the characters and quests that you think you're supposed to pick, with no regards for what you actually WANT to pick? When picking a follower, be sure not to let yourself be completely blinded by the "rules" and creating the perfect follower/character combo. While it is certainly very important to consider content and class when picking a follower, if you simply don't want to use one, then don't! This is supposed to be fun after all. If you find yourself head over heels in love with the enchantress, then by all means bring her along! Remember, sometimes the optimal choice isn't always the best.

Thanks for reading this Diablo 3 Scoundrel Leveling Guide. He is sure to be a worthy addition to any group and will help to make the leveling process both easier and more enjoyable!

For a more complete Scoundrel Leveling Guide, head on over to The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide!

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