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Download Mobile Applications and Get Entertained!

June 14, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 74

Amazon Kindle Amazon's slogan for Kindle stands 'Buy once, read anywhere' and it stays true to the lines. Even without a Kindle, one can download multiple books from Amazon read them anywhere. These apps sync well with the Kindle and you can read them on the go.

BBC iPlayer The iPlayer has for long been a famous player which has incredible mobile experience but which needs a web browser. But these apps change it all! The iPlayer provides a superb and stable experience with great UI and navigation features. The iPlayer allows watching live TV and is Wi-fi only.

Spotify The best mobile music app which gives you unlimited access to an incredibly huge library of music! The music belongs to different genres too. You can save playlists in offline mode and play them when you have a bad internet reception via 3G or Wi-fi.

Sky+ This is a superb app which can help you record TV programs so that you can watch the programs later when you want to! Futuristic app for TV lovers!

Remote This app gives you a demo of what apps can do by accessing remotely your computer's iTunes library. Sit where you are and play or create new playlists through this app!

Jamie's Recipes Jamie's recipes is a free app which is chargeable only if you need more recipes. This is a dream app for a gourmet and a kitchen whizz. This mobile venture teaches the recipes to the users easily and succinctly with text, pictures and voice. Each individual recipe pack after the first one costs £1.79 each.

Malcolm Tucker - the Missing iPhone This app is a cool one which teaches multimedia lessons creatively and shows how books can be used with mobile handsets.

RBS Six Nations This is an ideal official sports app which will help you keep yourself updated with the latest scores (real-time). It also brings in live text commentary and video highlights of the game. There are some interesting statistics related to the game too.

Arsenal Fan of the Arsenal club? All premiership clubs have their own apps and nowadays they connect with their fans through the apps. Updated team news, stats, and commentary can be seen via the app in real time. There is everything including post-match interviews which a die-hard fan could need.

TuneIn Radio There are tens and thousands of radio stations for access through this incredible TuneIn Radio app anywhere in the world. This app makes for a seamless browsing experience and listening through it is superb!

Play the most fun and challenging Hidden Object game available, with lots of puzzles and a Monkey Land gift collection game as well. find here Over thousands of Mobile phone Application [] and Android Apps Download [] with reviews.

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