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What Exactly Are Unified Communications?

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 105

The key to a successful business model is communication. Across the board, all levels of a corporation should be able to interact with each other in an instantaneous manner and work to reach company goals. One way to ensure that a corporation can achieve a heightened level of communication is by adopting a unified communications model. The real time access and connectivity offered by Voice over Internet Protocol is a great boon to successful professional communication.

Unified communications is a flexible and innovative approach towards getting a company to interact. It integrates real-time communication services like presence information, video conferencing, data sharing and instant messaging. It generally relies on a set of products that assist in providing a consistent user experience across a range of devices and media types regardless of primary location.

This process allows a user to send a message using one of the different mediums and receive the message on another. A voice message may be accessed through e-mail using voice recognition software. Other than technological advancement, a unified communications approach can assist users in modifying their habits. It optimizes the corporations' methods by reducing latency, managing the flow of communication and getting rid of dependencies on media. With all of the various media types, the receipt of information can take longer when a business does not use unified communications. By enabling users to have an interface that works on all media types, it shortens the response time and speeds up the efficiency of the corporation or even small business. Employers and employees can set up these phones to work remotely so that they can still communicate effectively and punctually when they are at home or away from the office otherwise. Imagine the time to be saved from eliminating the wait time associated with conventional telecommunication tag. Many business owners find it adds up to significant productivity.

One of the first steps towards unified communications first occurred with the advent of voicemail. Although this would hardly be called a part of unified communications today, its creation was revolutionary. Throughout the 90's, companies learned to adjust their approach as IP technology came into play. Today, users can enjoy an interface that encompasses all aspects of the communication process. These particular systems make the modern business model flow easier and work more efficiently. Companies who choose this option are able to take their operations to the next level and maximize their business's possibilities.

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