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The Art of Listening

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 170

Hebrews 2:1 We must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it.

How carefully do we listen to what God reveals? And note I said we, not you, because this applies to everyone. How intent are we on earnestly keeping things private that we should not let slip? God gives all the wisdom, insight, and counsel we need for living. But in the hectic activities, stress and pressures of life or even when things are going well (that in particular is when we do not spend as much time with Him as we should, thinking we have everything under control), it is easy to totally miss His message or misunderstand what He was trying to reveal to us if we had been truly listening to Him.

This art of listening closely applies to other relationships as well and to the people we meet during the day. How many of us have been sharing something we deem really important only to get that blank stare or the repeated uh, huhs that tell us this person does not care what I am sharing from my heart and they are not listening to me? Even worse is telling someone something in private, requesting that it be kept between you only to hear it somewhere in the office later, or even in church. A good listener can be hard to find. It is an art that has to be developed over time. Showing respect for the person entrusting you with a private matter reveals to them that you are an artful listener.

We should ask for His help to listen with sensitivity, faithfulness, and remembrance as He speaks. We also need help to listen carefully so that the things He says will not be distorted or discarded. In 2nd Timothy we are admonished to show our selves approved unto God by the study of His word and if we do study His word, we have a wonderful tool with which to learn not only what God has for us but also how to be concerned enough about the people who depend on you for guidance. A person may also be outside any faith and is watching you to see how you represent your faith.

Being that good listener may open doors to improve relationships because if you care enough to listen to another's needs, you may then become an encourager. How can you listen to someone sharing what they might be going through and not wonder if there is some instruction from God to share or think? Is there a scripture that might help them? Or what is really, really important is to keep your mouth shut and truly listen to what is being shared with you.

This article is not meant to condone idle conversation that someone might go on and on about or gossip in the office which you should do your best to stifle. This blog is meant to encourage all of us to learn how to be a listener if this is something you do not do or to encourage those who already have the gift of being an artful listener. You can always depend on God to give you inspiration to improve on an area of your life if you take the time to listen to the One who listens to all of our cries for help in times of need or praises in times of joy.

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