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Is It Normal for Men to Fear Committing To a Relationship? Learn The Truth Now!

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

So you have the most wonderful partner in the world and it doesn't seem possible for things to get any better. He loves you, takes care of you, never hurts your feelings, and always does his best to please you. Except one thing. He doesn't want to commit. Whenever you bring up the topic, he tries to cleverly change the subject, or gets uncomfortable and annoyed and just doesn't respond. It seems so strange, right? On one hand, he seems to be willing to give up the world for you, but on the other, he isn't prepared to commit. Well it's not so strange after all. This is a situation that many girls have to face these days, and rest assured, there are solutions.

Loss of freedom Men fear being trapped, and women fear being abandoned. One of the biggest reasons that men are afraid to get into a committed relationship is because they fear that once they commit, they will lose their freedom. In fact, men who have had divorces in the past are usually even more cautious when it comes to commitment because of this reason. The key here is to make him understand that he will have the same amount of freedom after marriage as he has now.

He's not getting ample space As I already mentioned, women fear being abandoned. Have you ever thought about why you want him to commit so badly? This is one of the core reasons. The problem is that we become so consumed in trying to make him commit that we fail to realize that we are forcing it upon him. If it's something that you try to "shove" up his throat, then more than likely he is going to feel like you are trying to force him into something that he's not ready for, and eventually feelings of resentment will come up when you bring up the topic.

Financial risk Women in general view marriage as an emotion investment. For men, however, marriage is also the biggest financial decision of his life. If a man makes the wrong decision by choosing the wrong woman, there are tremendous financial consequences in store for him. Women have usually never seen things from this perspective, but finances are one of the factors that guys weigh in.

He's waiting for the "right" one A lot of women want to commit because their "biological clock" is ticking. In other words, they are getting older and their time is running out. For men, the whole concept of a biological clock is non-existent. Their own age isn't really a factor that they take into consideration when deciding about marriage. He will wait all his life if he has to until he finds the "right" one.

Dealing with the solution Directly confronting him and trying to logically convince him to marry you isn't going to work. Let him know that you aren't okay with him not committing, and start to get a bit distant. He will need to be aware that you aren't going to stick around to wait for him to make up his mind about you. You might as well break up than let this relationship drag on. Think of it this way. If he doesn't commit to you ever, you'll break up eventually anyway.

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