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Decorative Concrete Floor Overlays - Curb Appeal Worldwide

March 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 178

With all of the different types of flooring available today, one stands out as durable, cost effective and beautiful - concrete floor overlays. Decorative Concrete Floors have gone mainstream for both residential or commercial use. By choosing a concrete floor, you can eliminate the allergens and illnesses that can be brought on by carpeting. Concrete also can be completely seamless eliminating grout lines that are tough to clean and harbor bacteria on tile floors. You can accent with area rugs if you still love carpet, but you may not want to cover up your new beautiful floor.

Manufacturers and distributors worldwide offer a wide range of options including self leveling, thin cement overlays and now metallic epoxies. Imagine the durability of a colorful cement floor in high traffic areas of your's not just for the garage anymore. Colorful surfaces can be shiny or muted to suit your personal taste. Low maintenance, easy care cement floors are elegant in any home. Just visit the many online resources and photo galleries for samples of what your home or commercial property can look like. Many of the manufacturers and distributors have developed products with names like Sgraffino, Pentimento and Terrazzi with design influences from Italy and Spain.

Many of these exotic concrete floor overlays exceed expectations as industrial flooring as well. Decorative concrete floors are in restaurants, lofts, warehouses, car dealerships, garages and art galleries. There are various ways to use color and stain for any type of flooring. Acid stains and dyes can be applied creating unlimited artistic designs. Concrete floor artists use acid stains and dyes with names like Patinatech, Deso Dyes, Pellucid Dyes and Colorfast to create sensational floors that are completely custom that cannot be created with other flooring materials.

Decorative concrete is nothing new, though for generations it has only been used by the most artistic and creative contractors who manufactured their own products. In recent years the demand has exploded due to the solutions many of the new products provide. The combination of entrepreneurs, artists, manufacturers and contractors have worked together through trial and error to improve the products, equipment and application techniques. The technological advancements of decorative concrete overlays have improved with increased durability and quicker application times.

Worldwide many well known Art Galleries, Lofts, Hotels, retail stores and Restaurants have converted to artistic concrete flooring for the durability and the curb appeal. It's typical that they become known for their unique flooring. As a result decorative concrete is a valuable marketing component as well as a highly functional surface.

For more information and photos of concrete floor overlays visit web site

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