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Therapy for Colon Cancer

January 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 117

Colon cancer therapy is a vital process dealing with tumors or polyps that form in colon areas and also includes preventive as well as post-treatment care methods. Therapy can be undergone in various forms and patterns depending upon the scope of cancerous growth and nature of tumors formed in the region.

Colon Cancer Therapy in Detail

This cancer can be tackled well if detected and treated in the initial stages when the tumors do not really metastasize to various local or regional areas of colon. Also, the chances of good colon cancer survival rate are much higher in the initial stages as compared to advanced ones and give an advantage to victim of undergoing through comparatively less mental and physical sufferings. This also helps in keeping a check on possibilities of colon cancer recurrence.

Therapy needs to be executed after considering various vital parameters that form the basis of colon cancer development in a person. The disease is prevalent in both men and women and is slightly more common in males. Also, the numbers of deaths due to cancer of colon are slightly higher in males as compared to females. Main reason for a reasonably high numbers of deaths due to colon cancer is the location of colon in human body. The organ is located very close to some of the vital parts like bowel, rectum, and lungs and forms an important part of digestive system. Any kind of cancerous development in colon severely impacts functioning of all other organs falling within the scope of cancerous growth and leads to fast metastasis of tumors to remote areas of the body.

Metastasis of tumors in primary form of colon cancer is easy to detect and control as compared to that occurring in the secondary form of colon cancer. Hence, one should also analyze the pattern and origin of tumors before undergoing a particular kind of colon cancer therapy.

Different Therapies

Colon cancer needs to be treated in a systematic and phased manner to avoid unnecessary health complications in future. Incorrect of inefficient therapy is one of the major cause of recurrence of the disease. Hence, one must undergo thorough diagnosis under proper medical supervision before deciding upon intensity of therapy to be undergone.

Surgery is the most frequently and commonly adopted technique for treating colon tumors. It can be carried out in various forms and intensities and is usually recommended in early phases when the tumors have not gained an ability to metastasize or spread to remote regions. Surgery can fetch better results if done before the cancer cells infect blood-cells or lymph nodes. Local excision is an effective form of surgery to remove local small-sized polyps. Resection, colostomy, and laparoscopy are some other forms of surgeries undergone to treat the disorder. Some surgeries like colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are also useful as diagnostic methods. Cryosurgery is also a useful form of therapy.

Radiotherapy is another important form of therapy and involves treating tumors by passage of radiations. Generally, this therapy is recommended for advanced phases as exposure to radiations may put a very bad impact on victim's body and cause severe side-effects in long-run. Chemotherapy is a kind of therapy that involves intake of various medically prescribed medical drugs or chemicals in order to keep a proper check on cancerous growth in colon.

This cancer therapy is usually in the form of targeted therapy and involves focusing on only the affected region without causing any considerable damage to adjacent vital tissues and cells. Therapy plays a vital role in safe recovery of the victim.

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