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Making Life Decisions Amidst The Prevalence Of Colon Cancer

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 127

If you are someone who has experienced or is experiencing a disease for which there is no definite cure yet, like colon cancer, sometimes you have to make some of the toughest life choices that there are. You really have to rethink a lot of things and examine just how much your life has been changed by the blow that was just dealt to your by fate.

You may curse at whomever you want and blame all sorts of entities for your sickness and wish that someone else got the damned condition that you are now suffering, but the reality is you have to face up to what has now become your life and you may need to revalue a whole lot of things. Things like how you go about your daily activities and how it is necessary for you to make sure that you would have a longer life than the complication would initially give you.

What kinds of life choices do you need to make? Well, first of all you would need to highly consider your dietary intake. What you may have been able to eat freely before without restraint might need to change. According to a lot of studies, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are the way to go if you want to prevent the disease from coming or at least reduce the risk or maybe even help cure it if you already have the aforementioned sickness.

Also, if you have hated exercise with a passion before, you may really need to think about doing some - or at least some form of physical activity to ensure that your body is in the best shape that it can be so that it can release natural antibodies that will help you fight off the problem in your body.

You may also have to let your vanity go, especially if you have qualms about losing your hair to chemotherapy or getting scars that may not really look well when you go to the beach if you undergo a surgical procedure to have the tumor ailing you removed. If you look good but you're going to die in the process then that is your choice and no one will begrudge you for it. It is, after all, your bed and you will have to lie in it yourself. However, if you want a shot at living and if it means that you have given up aesthetic beauty to do it, would you rather live without hair then die with your gorgeous curls - no one will bother to compliment on your hair when you are six feet under, anyway.

You see, it all comes down to what you want most in life. A thing like this radically changes a person's life. It turns all of their plans inside out and throws a really big monkey wrench in the whole thing. In the event that you do get it all out of your system, you might suddenly find yourself in the midst of a relapse of the disease, so watch out.

It can't be stressed enough that colon cancer is a serious thing and you should really think about making better choices if you want to live through all of it. Listen to the doctor's advice and you will be just fine.

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