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Work Choices for Matriculants in the Monetary and Engineering Programs

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159


Economists present the corporate sector with valuable personal financial advice by researching records, statistics and worldwide trends. They do sizable amounts of investigation before making use of financial theory to that figures and only then would they present a guess on prospective trends for industry.

This ability is also expected by governments as they must have the input of economists in making policy and financial choices. Economists might also specialize in fields such as taxation, interest rates, vocation data and several other areas.

Typical Functions for Economists

Procuring economic statistics and deciphering that data to provide estimates and ideas

Turning out economical reports

Evaluating economical solutions and how they apply to our industry

Implementing exhibits

An economist must possess a love for both Numerals and English to do well.

Paper qualifications

The primary course to growing into an economist is by acquiring a Bachelors of Commerce in Economics. There are many fields to specialize in such as microeconomics, labour, monetary and macroeconomics to name a couple.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers design, make, establish and service mechanical gear used in industry. Essential establishments that require the services of mechanical engineers are the manufacturing, energy formation, shipping and medical industries.

Usual Activities for Mechanical Engineers

Refurbishing manufacturing procedures and planning to help manufacturing firms work more competently

Implement the upgrading of mechanical features and solutions in industry by investigating and generating better alternatives

Mechanical engineers are used also in pure researching roles to find new methods and technologies for industries

Mechanical engineers function in several environments, from structured drawing offices to excavating sites. The work fluctuates and the engineer is expected to adjust and to make use of sound engineering principles to operate at a extremely high standard.

Individuals that love fixing problems, math and science will find mechanical engineering to be both inspiring and a challenge.

Paper qualifications

Two paths can be applied to become a mechanical engineer

You can go to university and attain a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering which takes four years to complete.


You can attend technikon and acquire a bachelors degree in mechanical technology which takes a total of four years to complete.

The big difference in the two being that the university scholar will be labelled engineer and the technikon scholar a technologist. The university degree is also considered to be of more value thus engineers are given higher profile work opportunities than technologists.

Certified public accountant

Accountants are well-versed in the practice of accounting, which comprises maintaining accurate financial documentation for organizations, individuals or trusts. Accountants aid their valued clientele in the arrangement and verification of any financial documentation and also guide with budgeting and upcoming investments.

Accountants are also utilized as internal auditors by employers to scrutinize fraud by employees, this in turn helps both legally and to create a more profitable company. Another appealing field is forensic accounting where they examine white collar criminal offenses, bankruptcy fraud etc.

A passion for numeracy, The english language and computers will aid anyone interested in becoming an accountant. Auditing also allows you the specific prospect to start your very own accounting enterprise where you work for yourself.

Academic achivements

The minimum requirement to end up an accountant is to obtain a bachelors degree in accounting. To end up being a Chartered Accountant you need to achieve a bachelors degree in accounting or an equal CA(SA) undergraduate qualification as a start. Then you will be required to achieve a 1 year CTA training at a Saica sanctioned university that outlines auditing, auditing, taxation and financial administration. After you obtain your CTA license you can then enter a three year learnership to specialize in either auditing or monetary management.

For additional career options please visit where our primary aim is to help you pass matric with flying colors

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