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Only Minor Cuts and Bruises

July 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 248

We see it all the time - an accident - a head-on collision that leaves you wondering if everyone is alright. Despite of all the shattered fiberglass, smashed vehicles, foam from the bumpers scattered across the pavement, and the sound of rescue squads, you want to believe the best; but, in your mind and heart, you have doubts. There is no way someone could have survived this. You later discover an awesome report of survival from a news report about the accident - the person walked away with only minor cuts and bruises. You sit relieved and in slight disbelief because you know how bad it was.

These types of tragedies happen every day. Someone experiences the unexpected that they were not prepared for. How could you have prepared for being catapulted through life to an unknown place of betrayal, fear, hurt and turmoil? What do you do when life hits you and knocks you off your feet? When the courage, strength, sense of well being, and esteem that once came so easy seem to have been stripped away? When your lifelong spouse or partner suddenly betrays you, when the job you put so much time and effort into suddenly lets you go, when you tragically lose someone? All of these situations have the power to send you into a black hole where you try to pick up the pieces but you can't even see the pieces. You are left gasping for air, looking for someone to come and rescue you, or even administer CPR.

While there may have been moments like this in your life, you are still here with only minor cuts and bruises. Although you can't find it now, you still have the Strength, Inspiration, Boldness, Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Courage that you had before your own "accident" or tragedy. The wonderful truth is that you don't have to go back to get it or look for someone to give it to you. Everything that you once had is still within you. It did not go anywhere or fade away. You simply have to allow it to resurface and accept that it's alright to let that part of you come back to life again. To move forward, you have to give permission for your gifts, talents, and dreams to exist. Your determination is there. That's why no matter how bad you wanted to give up, you're still here today saying that you want it to be back to the way it was. Don't let the weight, depression, or sadness destroy you. You are still here due to a GREATER POWER inside of you.

While it may not be clear to you, you are here for a specific purpose and plan by GOD. You must TRUST that you have what it takes to move forward out of the despair. You have to BELIEVE that you have everything you need to overcome this obstacle. You must STRIVE to take steps forward because a giant reward is waiting for you. You must be CONFIDENT and know that it's not over - that you're just getting started. Your days ahead are going to be brighter. You will soon recognize the loving, strong, fulfilled person that you once were - the one who knew joy and peace and had an intentional purpose. You survived. The tragedy that appeared to knock the life out of you only knocked some breath out of you and there is still oxygen in your lungs. Hold your head up in the direction of the sun. Allow your face and your life began to illuminate. You are Greatness. You are Greatness! You are destined to be operating in complete Power and total Victory. The Sky is yours. Reach for it!

I was in one of those accidents. You might have been driving by as they cut me out of my car. I survived; and although it was hard to see at the time, I still had every gift, talent, and motivation. Despite the minor cuts and bruises, I still had love for people and my dream to coach and inspire others.

Even if your cuts and bruises are the deeper ones - the ones that no one sees - the ones that take longer to heal, you must begin to Believe again, Dream big, Live loud and Walk with purpose. You have it all inside. Begin to move forward if only with just small steps. You won't regret it. You will be glad you did.

Living again is perfectly fine.

Peace, Love and Blessings.

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