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5 Great Features of User Friendly Content Management Systems

March 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 277

After the initial development of a website, when it goes live looking great and providing customers with all the information and advantages that it has been built to offer, regular maintenance and upkeep is required to keep your content current. Updating your website is crucial to staying relevant to visitors, but retaining a web developer to work on your site whenever you need it done can be expensive and inconvenient.

Content management systems aim to provide companies with an easy, reliable and user-friendly way to update their own content without having to employ a developer every time they need to make a change. A good CMS can do more than just save you money though - you'll be able to better develop your website with these great, user-friendly features.

Add and Remove Pages

Create new pages from templates, add new content or product information and manage additional or temporary pages with ease; you can remove no-longer-relevant pages in an instant and alter your website drastically without involving the developer at all. Keep your site looking pristine by adding and removing pages as you need them.

Instant Site Updates

Sick of having to wait a week for new updates to be implemented? A content management system will allow you to upload files to your website and make changes instantly - no more waiting around for a developer to get the work done for you. Update company news in an instant and never worry about hosting the wrong information for weeks at a time again.

SEO Functionality

SEO is one of the most important parts of increasing traffic flow to your website. Optimising your page's content with the right keywords can make all the difference to the number of visitors and page hits each week. Good CMS software will keep track of and suggest keywords to include in your content and meta-data as well as organising your pages to make them more search engine friendly.

Interact with Users

Allow users to submit information through customisable forms, ask questions or interact with your business in other ways. Pool user data together, collect emails for newsletters, sign users up for reward schemes or poll site visitors - there are plenty of potential and limitless possibilities.

Manage User Permissions

If you have a number of teams working for your company you can set up a variety of groups and user permissions that allow select access to update different aspects of your site. Have the marketing team work on the promotions section or let the sales team update their own contact info and the available sales packages.

Don't spend more on web development than you have to. Enjoy the added freedom and possibilities of a high quality, user-friendly content management system for your company. Talk to your web designer about what kind of CMS system might be right for you.

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