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Why Have Spoilers for Your Porsche?

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

A Porsche car is a beautiful piece of engineering and craftsmanship. So, do you really need to improve on it? Is there any scope to make it better? Won't an aftermarket Porsche Spoilers impact the aerodynamics in a negative way? These are some of the questions that come in to any Porsche car owner. Before, we can answer these very pertinent questions, we have to understand what is the use of spoilers in a high performance car such as Porsche.

Porsche front spoilers are a great way to enhance the aesthetics of a car. When teamed up with rear spoilers, they impart a sporty look to a car. But looks are not that only thing they are used for. There is a much more important benefit. And that's car's performance. Spoilers improve a car's handling and aerodynamics. Front spoilers which are also known as 'air dams' spoil or disrupt the obstructive air flow and keep the front of car pressed to the road by preventing too much air flow from going under the car. In technical terms, they reduce the aerodynamic lift and drag.

Similarly, rear spoilers or rear diffusers work with the front spoilers and wings to increase the downforce of a Porsche. A rear diffuser is installed on the underside of a Porsche and causes the air beneath the car to travel faster than the air flow around the car. This creates a low pressure vacuum in the rear of the car and keeps the car grounded. Thus, the rear diffuser helps channel the air flow under the car in to the low pressure area created in the rear end of the car as it moves.

These enhancements in normal cars are only for cosmetic purposes but for a Porsche enthusiast who loves to race his car, spoilers are a must have.

Since, spoilers can affect a Porsche's aerodynamics and performance so drastically, they have to be chosen carefully. All spoilers are not made same. There is great variation in their design, construction and material. It is very important that you select the correct spoilers for your model. You should check the antecedents and reputation of the company which designed the spoilers. The material of the spoilers also creates a huge difference in performance, durability and affordability of the spoilers. The best material for spoilers is Polyurethane which is almost indestructible. While fiberglass and Carbon-fiber break easily on impact, polyurethane is very durable. Spoilers made of Polyurethane are also easy to install and paint. If you happen to buy spoilers from a reputed company, then there is good probability that even a layman can install it with minimal tools.

To summarise, Porsche spoilers are a great addition to your car but before making any purchase make sure that you get the best quality at the best price. offers the widest range of Porsche body kits, Porsche body parts, Porsche accessories and to fit a variety of models like 997, 996 02-04, 996 99-01, 993, 911 74-89, Boxster. For long lasting and superbly designed front spoilers, rear bumpers, side rockers and Porsche wings, contact (619) 690-5081 or

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