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The Etruscan History Still Visible in Tuscany

April 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 240

Many people book villas in Tuscany without considering the places they will visit while they are there. While there are many modern attractions and charming villages and destinations to visit, some still have one foot firmly in the past.

Between the years of 800 BC and 700 BC, a group of people called the Etruscans settled in Tuscany. They established themselves across much of what we now know as modern Tuscany, and when you visit the area today you can easily see many remains that are left from those ancient times. Be sure to choose one of the villas in Tuscany that will allow you to stay close to at least some of these amazing areas.

Visit the caves in Orvieto

While Orvieto is actually in Umbria, it is well worth paying a visit to see the stunning collection of caves and tunnels dating back to Etruscan times. The word labyrinth would not be overused in describing what lies beneath the modern day city. These underground sights can only be seen if you book a guided tour there, but it is well worth doing so to learn everything you can about the network of tunnels, caves and rooms that are underneath the city.

Visit the town of Volterra

This town has plenty of Etruscan ruins to share with its visitors, so if you are staying in one of the villas in Tuscany nearby, make sure you spend a day in Volterra. It boasts an acropolis and several tombs, which are sometimes spoken of as 'Etruscan holes' by those who live in the area. You should also make plenty of time to visit the Etruscan Guarnacci Museum, which can also be found in Volterra. It dates back as far as 1761 and has an amazing collection of items from Etruscan times, not to mention other periods in history.

Visit the remains of the ancient city of Vetulonia

Vetulonia as you see it today is very different from how it once was when the Etruscans lived there. However there are still many signs that remain of the people, including the original city walls. You can also see the necropolis that dates back as far as the 7th century, and hundreds of tombs were discovered here that date back to this time. You can actually see the remains of buildings along the roadside, and one house even has a terracotta pot that has survived the intervening centuries. It is built into the structure that remains of the house and you can see it today and imagine what it was once used for.

Wherever you go in in the region, and whichever of the villas in Tuscany you may decide to stay in, there will be Etruscan ruins and signs of this ancient civilisation very close to your doorstep. This is one of the true beauties of the area - the ability to provide both ancient and modern sights and things to do while you are on holiday there. Where will you head to first?

Giovanni Balboni works for To Tuscany, who specialises in finding the perfect villas in Tuscany in Chianti as well as selected villas in Umbria and Puglia. To Tuscany is proud of their villas and their reputation. Each villa is personally selected and visited by our representatives to ensure we offer only the best in the region.

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